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October’s Free PDF

Where did October go? This month as been slow for me until the past week which has felt sped up. National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow, and I am just excited to start a new project. Today’s mini blog post is a reward I wanted to give out to my growing reader base. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for future blogs on Monday’s & Wednesday’s.
Header photo is of the Halloween light fixture I had last season. Too bad it was destroyed in the mist of moving.


Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 3.33.20 PM - Edited


I got this idea to create a free PDF for my readers, after having some struggles with sorting through the various publishing houses and agents that’s listed in the 2018 Writer’s Market book. I won’t be buying one for 2019, because I want to use the 2018 as a resource and use the internet for locating more accurate information on the agents and publishing houses. While I have not yet submitted anything to any publishing houses or agents, this is a new adventure for me to start preparing for.

Before you download this free resource, I would like to acknowledge that this is my first PDF I’ve created for various people to use. I’ve always downloaded various blog created charts for different areas of my life. Learning how to create aesthetically pleasing documents is something I would like to start incorporating with my blogs.

As someone who is environmentally conscious, I made this documents to where you only needed to print what you needed. For example, the first page might be the only resource you’ll need. For me, I like things out on a calendar, so I also wanted to make something simple for everyone to include.

Submission List

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 3.33.36 PM - Edited

If you have any issues with the PDF, please let me know via email ( or via the comment section. I truly hope that you will find this useful for your continuing goals of being a published author. If you have submitted to publishing houses, or are an agent and would like to make some suggestions for improvement with this PDF, please comment below. Hopefully next fall, I will have an updated submission checklist, after suggestions are made.

For those who have been following me starting since 2014, I am glad that you have stuck with me over the years. This includes all the followers that have built over the past year or two! This blog strives for authenticity, as well as providing a resource and outlet for people to relate to. Growth takes small progressive steps and for me, that includes creating content for people to be able to use in their daily lives.

As always, I look forward to creating more content because its a love of mine. You can always follow me here on WordPress. What PDF’s would you like produced for writers, authors, and college students? Let me know in the comments below and I wish you the best this upcoming month! 


wishing you aradical birthday

6 thoughts on “October’s Free PDF”

  1. I’m doing my typical pre-NaNo procrastination by reading what other people are posting. I wish the best of this writing season. I hope to find my own mojo very, very shortly. And, if not, you can take momentary satisfaction in imagining me pulling my hair out scrambling to find something to write about in the nth hour. May your words flow like wine–both wetting the palate and soothing the nerves. (Or like grape juice, in case you are abstemious in nature.) See you at the finish line! I hope.


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