Taking Inventory Series


Wow, what a delayed post this is! This was meant for last Monday, June 3rd but I had a lot of summer plans start and I had a run in with time and energy management. Last week, my job started as a full day summer kid’s program. It’s unreal and exciting that we are already to summer, with the official summer starting next week!
Every month, for the past year and a half, I write a “taking inventory ” series.! A lifestyle post to clue in everyone on events going on in my world.

Battiest, Oklahoma from family reunion this past weekend!

Word of the month: Change. Honestly, I hadn’t picked a word out until my subconscious brain whispered change as I wrote this. With this summer job already here and the ending of my intermission spring course, I’m excited for the change (or should I say a break) from school! I’ll be working full-time all summer as I financially ready myself for part-time school and part-time work in the fall.

Eating and Drinking: Once or twice a month, I eat out everything in my pantry and my next shopping trip is on the last week of June. So that’ll give me two weeks to work through what I have.
On a trip I have planned for the 22nd, I plan on making smores! Also, do I need to remind you to stay hydrated? You could do so by following hydration cat on twitter.

Watching: I’m down to the last fifty episodes of the original Twilight Zone and my one-fun reality show, Total Divas. What shows are you watching right now? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below this post!

Listening: With the two hours I spend in my car commuting five days a week, I can tire out from podcasts and talk shows. As one who studied jazz for a year or two, Michael Bublé an instant favorite

A post that’ll be here on June 25th, will celebrate the life of Michael Jackson, as it’ll be his 10th death-day anniversary.
My audio book from the PHRC (Potterhead Running Club) Book Club is on hold and I’ll get to it some time this month. Excited to listen to Magyck by Angie Sage.

Smelling: I am now down to one candle and I’ve been pulling off from using it for now, the fresh linen smells from incense sticks and essential oils fill my apartment since its June, I love the smell of lavender, thanks to the essential diffuser in my bathroom.

TBR post will be up later today or tomorrow!

Writing: In May, I began wit ha small goal of 200 words/day. While I didn’t reach that goal daily, I did write 3,223 words for novel practice writing! I couldn’t believe the numbers since I devalued the amount and progress I had been making. I accomplished while adding up the hand written amount. I’ll still have blogs for this month to catch up on, which I’m excited to share wit you all!
And hey, I’m grateful for the slow motion through the writing territory.

Waiting for: June’s always been a a busy month for me- it’s my birthday month! Last weekend, I went to family reunion and went on a fun hiking trip and found some fantastic creeks and valleys.
Oklahoma’s been flooded out and the rivers were a bit difficult to get to. A couple of days after my birthday, my birthday party will be to a local winery (4 hour drive). The idea is to picnic with friends and family as we do some wine tasting and enjoy the first official days of summer!

Battiest, Oklahoma!

Enjoying: Last week, we wrapped up the first week of the summer program. With it as a whirlwind energetic week, I crashed after getting to my reunion and slept solid for a while. The lively part about teaching kids is that I’ve started to naturally lose weight by playing games with the kids, especially whey we are outside.

Feeling: Earlier this week, I discovered that self-love hasn’t ever been a issue for me, just like home depression (for me) feels like its not similar to others symptom.s The slow gains I’ve made by emptying out my heart in a what mental health baggage is there, has helped me gain small bits of light on personal, individualized, mental heal stressors, sensors, etc. Some days its okay to just sit in the shower and let the water rinse of that yucky sick feeling.

Loving: The photos from my family reunion and the birthday trip that’s coming up next week!

AND, I made a B in my Library Information Science online May course. My GPA’s been slowly going up to a better standard, and I’m on a break till Fall. What’s exciting is that I have finally worked through my sophomore slump- I felt like I was still going to be a sophomore for another year. But after six years as a sophomore, I am now a Junior! YAYYYYY

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