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Rainy Reflections

I’ve been behind on my posts this week, since I’ve been working 45+ hours at the day camp program I work at. It’s been raining a lot in Oklahoma and we’ve had a lot of flooding issues. Today after work, I’ll be driving to SE OK for a little family reunion, where there’s hardly any cell service.
I’m hoping to get to post two more posts that were meant for Monday and Wednesday from this week sometime this weekend. Nonetheless, here’s today’s photography share!

Rainy Reflections. 06/01/2019

I usually stay home on Saturdays, but I had some errands to run before I began my overtime work with the day camp program. I was trying to avoid the rain and severe weather, but managed to get caught in the rain.
I love side mirror pictures like this, where there’s two mirrors and reflections you see. Reminds me a lot about life as well- how we see ourselves vs. how the world sees us.

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