Photo edits

TGIF! It’s been a week, I can tell you that much. So today’s photos are from my trip to my hometown during Memorial Day weekend. My sister has her own adorable bathroom, and this little Bonsai tree sits in her bathroom mirror. It’s honestly the kind of tree I’d love to have in my bathroom, but I know my cat would destroy it. For a couple of years, I had bamboo in my bathroom until they died last year. While I haven’t added anything to my bathroom, I plan on doing so when I move at the end of the year.
I took the photos on Monday morning, before I left. I wanted to showcase the most basic principle of photo editing with a before-and-after shot.



Now watch the lighting and the coloring of the tree improve after a few minutes of lighting and shading work.


Originally taken on May 27th, I edited this photo on the next day on the 28th.

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