In the City

I hope you are as excited about the weekend being here as I am! Today’s photo was taken last Thursday on my extra-lengthy commute home. I had to drive through the southern portions of the city before dropping off my recycling at Waste Management and this shot of the city was perfect! It works well with the increased amount of tornadoes we had come through the city that week and over the weekend.

Another photography post will be up later today but I thought this black and white photo worked well with the mood of the city that week. Hope you enjoy this photo and I’ll see you guys next week as we kick start the next miniseries for June!

Header photo is of NYC, and this photo is of Oklahoma City. I’ve had this NYC on my WordPress since 2016, and the source is most likely from google search. Probably should’ve sourced the correct photographer, but alas. I did not do this in 2016.

The fun part about editing this photo was refocusing where I wanted the eyes to go. I made the stop signal a brighter color so you’d see that before you would see Devon Tower. I’ve considered editing out the cars on the gravel and just having the bottom of the picture start above the car but for now, it’ll stay as this is right now.

In the City, taken 05.23.2019

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