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Books I read in May

How’s your weekend going so far? Mine’s just beginning and I’m excited to enjoy the last three days off before starting my summer job. At the beginning of each month, I write a TBR post and today’s post is a recap of what I did and didn’t get to read.
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I’ve also shared a song that I love to play at the end of May. YouTube link and video will be at the end of this post!


I completed Altar Ego by Craig Groeshel. This book was given to me from a friend to borrow and I plan on returning it to her in June. I do love the yellow color on the book, helps lighten up my room a bit. It’s a nice reminder about how to regain your individual faith and community outlook within Christianity. I enjoy a more universal view so this still applied to my spiritual practice.

I also completed The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes for my world literature class. This is the story of Sherlock’s time in India and a fan fiction of Sherlock-Kim. I don’t plan on selling this book anytime soon.

Still working on

And for the most part, that’s the only two books I completed this month. I’ve been busy traveling, relaxing, writing, and working on an online class that wraps up next week. I’m at least 150 pages (10 chapters) into Forever Amber, a romance book that my Mom adores. I borrowed it from her shelf in October and she’s waiting for me to complete the book so she can reread it for the billionth time.

But who knows, maybe I can work my way through several chapters this weekend so I can catch up to where I’d like to be. This book will take me far into June as well, since its close to 1,000 pages.

What books were you able to complete in May? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Happy Reading,

Enjoy today’s favorite song!

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