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Part Seven: The Future

As the end of the school year approaches for many teachers and students across the country, I hope you all enjoy a restful summer before returning to school. Today’s blog wraps up this month’s discussion about teaching and education and what better way to wrap-up this mini series by talking about the importance of the future and the education of the future generations.
Tomorrow, there’s three posts ready to go: two photography posts and one TBR (To Be Read) post from the books I read this month. Let’s begin today’s post!

The future lies with educating today’s children

I recall hearing this throughout my early education and I didn’t completely understand this idea. It’s a basic concept, really- the way we educate and inform the children and society today sets up how we will react in the future. That’s why teaching history is important so that we can begin to learn from our past mistakes, as a collective.

This massive point of view on how the future is shaped by how we teach today does scare me a bit from time to time. Instead of worrying about the future kids who graduate high school, I like to focus on creating a solid foundation in the now so that it helps them excel in the future. For example, teaching students to read and write will help them communicate better between classmates, society, and even learning traditional cursive will help them connect to the past.

I will say as someone who has only been teaching for close to a year, I have seen some of the downsides of the changing society. Parents complaining about their child not having a perfect day at school; children growing up getting what they want without earning it; a slew of little ways we teach and administrate children effects future generations.

I’m not saying we have to be disciplined teachers all the time to the extreme, but I am however suggesting that we hold ourselves to a standard that makes education available for all, as well as discerning the truth about the emotions of life. These little things will prepare all of us for a more whole and inclusive society that can accept the wins and loses of our world.

Cute dinosaur outside the OKC NW public library.

And for those of us who are teachers and parents, one step towards helping the children in this world excel is by looking at our own sociological and psychological behaviors and beginning those adjustments with us. Maybe that means reducing the amount of social media time for going out into nature. Or, to understand that everyone has opinions and politics are something we should not be afraid to discuss with others; and to solidify that point, we as a society might want to reduce the overreaction when we find out someone we know prefers another party other than yours.

For us adults, this means a lot of re-education in what we were taught, relearning what we should know, and over-correcting what we know but is no longer an approved thought process on Earth. We do this a lot without even knowing it, as our cells begin the process to relearning all the time.

And that is where the costs of education and other issues come into play. How can we, as a society, continue to keep things the way they were when its no longer effective to how we can survive? I’ve asked these questions a lot over the past year, especially in ways we can improve our planet’s Eco- system and environment while also unifying how we can improve our own physical/mental/spiritual health.

As someone who loves classic literature, a lot of my learning experiences comes from learning about the past and seeing how we can make changes for the future. I know some of my kids don’t enjoy that as much but with a little help and motivation, we can begin to teach our kids to evaluate the past, be proactive in the present, and prepare for the future.

What topics would you love to read about over the summer? I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments! From literature and writing to lifestyle blogs, any ideas would be greatly welcomed!

Danielle’s writing career started as a musician first. She enjoys blogging about various subjects ranging from lifestyles, mental health, and topics relating to her English-Writing degree.
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