Am Writing, Life

SS v.6

When you are felling blocked spiritually or creatively, that could prove to be a perfect time to reflect and relax.

Am Writing, Life

Spirituality v.4

A look at the similarities and differences between spirituality and religion.

Am Writing, Life

Spirituality Series v.3

Jouranling helps in more ways than one.

Life, Taking Inventory Series


At the beginning of every month, I write out an inventory list of things going on in my world.

Taking Inventory Series


Writing a blog post while a cat wants to intervene is a tad bit of a challenge.

Am Writing

18 Dramatic Situations (Part Three)

Today's blog post is a part three analysis of the 36 dramatic situations and instead of making a part four I decided to combine the last eighteen situations into one post..

Am Writing

8 Dramatic Situations (Part Two)

Let’s take a look at the next eight dramatic situations, as recently updated by Mike Figgis.


LGBTQIA Questionnaire

Hello, and welcome to my multi-layered, multi-dimensional blog. Today's discussion is about LGBTQIA novels, with a link to the survey I created a few weeks back (at the end of this blog). As always, feel free to follow me on my blog (hosted by WordPress) or via my Facebook page!  Complaints One of the biggest… Continue reading LGBTQIA Questionnaire


Write Here, Write Now.

The backspace button is not an option for the next month and a half, as I prepare for my favorite and least favorite month of the year- National Novel Writing Month. AKA NaNoWriMo. I've read different arguments on why writers should or shouldn't participate in NaNoWriMo. Over the past two years, Novel Writing Month has… Continue reading Write Here, Write Now.