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Ah, spring break is over and I am feeling a bit more rested than when I started my little break. Today’s post should be a faster read, since I’ll address an advice question. What do I do when I’m spiritually blocked? These musings have been rattling in my mind for some time, which is a reason why I dedicated March’s miniseries to discuss spirituality.
As a heads up, I do write a bit in this post about anxiety and panic attacks. Let’s just start with that question today!

Being Blocked
Is a Good Thing

Being Blocked

Honestly, being blocked is an uncomfortable feeling. I think its actually okay to be in those moments when you are uncomfortable (on certain things). For example, this morning i listened to a meditation that actually served to be anti-meditation to show you how unsettled the mind is. Shout out to the Simple Habit app for that meditation that did unnerve me.

Being unnerved shows that you have emotions, feelings, and a complicated mind, body, and soul. The part that irked me was the mockery of the voice during this five minute meditation and it did its job. Tomorrow’s meditation will be a bit more calmer on purpose. This weekend I had a major panic attack and this morning I had an anxiety attack. These breaks from normality during the 10-day spring break threw me for a loop. I returned to a traditional schedule again this morning and was able to begin to regain a normalcy around me again.

I add this part in about anxiety because being blocked in whatever areas in your life can cause a small anxiety attack- after you’ve been numb to the state of being blocked. I didn’t realize how anxious I truly can be (when I’m on an extended break or other factors) until I relaxed a bit and started to unravel some deep seeded blockages.

Over the past few weeks, before Lent started, I set a goal to not go out-to-eat for the lent season. If anything, I just wanted to take a better control over my life expenses and correct a bad habit I had set in February. Without planning it, I found myself needing food while out with a friend. The meal was $25 and I am glad I went out for food to relax before returning to work later today. I realized that it wasn’t that I needed to not go out-to-eat for 45 days I needed to start taking care of myself with the foods I put in my body and what I allow myself to mentally feel.


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As a blogger, I have my moments where I miss a blog post or two a week. My schedule gets cramped and writing a blog post is the last thing on my mind. Those are usually moments when I feel creatively at the end of a cycle before being blocked again. It’s easy to just stop a project and then see when the spark comes back. In all honesty, it truly is easier to continue doing a little bit each day to build the ground work for creativity and having writer’s block. The same principle goes for spirituality.

A tip I learned recently is when I don’t feel like writing or don’t have those sparks flowing is to just start writing. For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing a little bit each day. Three days a week I write a blog post; three days I continue practice writing; and on Sundays I rest yet still journaling and answer personal questions in my various journals.

Those moments when I am spiritually blocked are moments I refer to as “dead cells” within the three parts of a human being: body, mind, and soul. It takes a little bit of work to align all three and become unstuck. What foods and drinks are you consuming? Are you allowing your mind some rest- and not just before bedtime? Are you doing something for your soul’s purpose?

One way I muddle through being spiritually or creatively blocked, is journaling. I have so many journals and I use some daily and others every couple of weeks. Check out the blog post in the button near the end of this post to read about my journaling process. When I get the chance, I read books to help stimulate my mind. Sometimes, a good book can get my blood going (westerns). Even just listening to spiritual and/or Christianity music in the background puts me at ease when I’m stuck.

That’s actually why I began this spirituality series in the first place. I’ve been unwinding my spiritual side since October of 2018 and it’s taken longer than expected. I am okay with that now, since I am in no rush to complete this spiritual cycle just yet.

Thank you for those who continue to read some of these rambling posts I make. It’s been fun watching my writing style evolve over the past five years. I wish you all the best as we wrap up March!

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