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Summer Lovin’ Intentions

The official start of summer starts on the 21st and it has yet to heat up above ninety degrees Amen! For the most part, I’ve been able to catch up on my ridiculous to-do list after taking a trip home Memorial Day weekend and last weekend’s family reunion trip.

This summer, I am not enrolling in any summer courses at the University of Oklahoma. This past academic year was my first full-year back in school and I’m taking the summer off from school, to focus on my work and personal health. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to accomplish some goals and intentions this summer!

Today’s blog post will cover just that: the small list of summer goals I have to make small improvements and adjustments to my personal lifestyle, education, and more!

Summer Lovin’
Intentions & Goals

30-Minute Exercises

Part of my summer job is leading children into fun and games. I’m a little more strict than I should be, but I believe that group games can help build up teamwork, leadership and other social skills we all need in life. So when a kid plays a relay game, so do I! This has helped out so much with keeping up with 30-minute exercises daily, along with the high amounts of steps I take daily for working 40 hours per week on my feet.

Creative Workbook

Back in the summer of 2015, my university counselor recommended that I go to group therapy. While I’m still pretty uncomfortable with group therapy, I did get to purchase the workbook that was going to be used for the group therapy. I’ve used it for the first eight week program, but never completed the full 12-week program.
The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron is a perfect workbook for the summer break and can be found in various bookstores and online shopping mediums. I’m currently on week three readings and tasks since it helps me stick to morning pages and weekly artistic dates.
In the future, I would love to purchase the rest of the workbooks by Julie, since they work through others aspects of the self, spirituality, creativity, etc.

You can find the book here through Amazon

Read 6 Books

With the delayed start to the summer lovin’ intentions and goals, I’m still working on the first book of the summer. The goals simple: Read 6 Books. We’ll see what books I can work through and if you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post, I wrote out a little TBR post for the month of June!

200 Word Count

In May, I wrote 3,323 words! That’s the most I’ve written by hand (not including blog content or NaNoWriMo). If you notice the trend of the past goals, I’m hoping to start again Monday with the small daily word count. This word count is assisting me in novel writing practice and helping me flush out thoughts, ideas, scene descriptions, etc.

Bluebook Workbook

Another workbook I would like to work through this summer is one I’ve had for a year or two. The Bluebook of Grammar and Punctuation was one of the first books recommenced to me by a English-Literature BFF and I’ve worked through parts of chapter one, but haven’t dedicated the time to continue working through it.
I haven’t started this book yet for the summer, but I’m hoping to get it started next week.
Here’s the link to the Bluebook!

Mental Health Clean-up & Staying Hydrated

A part of my Saturday night routine is doing some writing-spiritual exercises to clear through some negative past traumas and to prepare me for the fall. A part of positive mental and physical health is by staying hydrated with water and gatorade. I’ve had too many trips to the ER over the years due to heat exhaustion. Water will always be your best friend!

Computer Clean-up

Photo from June 2016 during my week-long internship in NYC. This was a month before this MacBook Pro died in July.

When I wrote this intention out in May, I wasn’t expecting my Google Chromebook charger to break this past week. I went to Best Buy and tried a universal charger and had to return it that same evening. I had fit it to my computer but when I took it home, it never charged.
I’ve had my Chromebook since September 2016 and it’s begun to glitch this year. My MacBook Pro came back to life in April this year (after dying before I got the Chromebook) and I’m able to use the Mac at home for basic needs.
I write all that out because I will now need to buy a new laptop (my fourth one) in August before returning to the University of Oklahoma. If you have any laptop suggestions, I’d love to read about them in the comments below! I’m highly considering getting a Dell laptop, thanks to their durability.

In the meantime, I plan on containing to clear through my digital space by deleting copied and unwanted photos and documents. Always remember to back-up your content and important documents!

Blog Fun

Slowly but surely, I’m catching up on the blogs I didn’t get to post MWF for the first two weeks of June. I’ve got some various mini series posts and the like planned all summer which gives me the freedom to balance work life and the writer’s life! If there’s any subjects you would like me to write about, please comment below, or find me on the various social media platforms to give out suggestions!

What are some goals you have for this summer? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

Happy Summer,

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