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Spirituality Series v.3

I didn’t realize today was Monday, until my school alarms sounded this morning. I’m glad that they woke me up, because I needed to be productive during the first few days of spring break. As promised, today’s blurb is about the power behind spiritual journaling. Check the buttons below to read the past two mini-series blogs written about spirituality.
Also, shout out to pexels, a free stock photo website used through WordPress! I love the photos I’ve gotten to use for my posts, especially after I’ve already used a few photos of my own!

Spiritual Journaling

The Power of Journaling

Here’s my list of why I find journaling useful:
1. Simply, I am a advocate for journaling.
2. It helps you learn how to be present before or at the end of your day.
3. I enjoy writing out my mantra’s three times at the end of my journal entries. Helps me breathe with the timing of each word.
4. I usually go back and read past entries in all my journals once every couple of years to gain perspective. This helps with knowing that today’s not the end of the world when all your senses try to tell you otherwise. One of the best things is reading about a small problem I had in the fall of 2017 about mental health, and thanks to healing and time away from situations in my life, I have had a more positive life.
5. Continues my strength in writing daily. I used to have an excessive use of commas (and parenthesis), and my favorite one is that i always felt that talking about the self, or the “i” should be lower-cased. When I go back and read previous entries, attempted novels, and letters to friends I always laugh and cringe at how I referred to myself in the lower case i– even when you go back and read my first few blogs I started five years ago, my writing needed a lot of edits.
Edit: I have considered going back through old blogs and updating them. Alas, I haven’t built the time in my schedule to do so.

The Stash of Journals

From left to right: Constellation journal added this year for a resources journal; the pink one started in 2011 and ends in 2013 (full); the prayer & spirituality journals are half-used since 2013.

I have a mix of journals for different purposes and not every journal is used daily. The only one I use daily is the diary-like one I write in each day before I start the day. I’ve only been journaling a page a day this year, to condense what I need to write so I can move on to morning meditation and time for myself. At that rate, I should be wrapping up my 15th volume of daily journaling by the middle of June.

Not too long before I started my daily journaling, I also started writing out the dreams I had. I’m only on volume three since I don’t recall each dream. In late high school, when I started to notice my spirituality was in need of repair, I started to journal prayers, bible study, and sermons. Even in college, I have found it best to write down notes during lectures (and sermons) to help retain and process the information given to me.

I am currently using three journals for spiritual work: one for spirituality bible study and Saturday night work; the second as a prayer journal. I find it best to write out my prayers weekly or biweekly rather than just saying them outloud. That’s how I best connect with my internal self, is by writing.

The new third journal was recently started this year and I haven’t added much to it. I bought it last year and it’s quite honestly one of the prettiest journals I’ve owned. Its also made out of recycled paper which makes me happy as well.
The constellation journal I use as a resource journal for all things spiritual, Eastern & Western. I write out things about chakras, astrology signs, biblical scriptures, etc. Most of what I write are pins I’ve saved on Pinterest that I want to keep in the journal. I plan on adding a section about herbs and essential oils at the end, after I’ve added other topics.

Did I mention that I also have a DIY’d gardeners journal? I might talk about that next month for the next miniseries!

Downside of Jouranling

There’s only a few concerns I have about journaling, one of them being one I’ve experienced. I used to pry into my sister’s journaling as a kid as a prank. When I roomed with my second only roommate, he read through my own stuff. I then understood what it felt like to have someone read your private words and musings. Since then, I’ve started to be more mindful about who knows what’s in my journals. What are families supposed to do to keep people away from the journals? First, you need to set boundaries and develop trust. Trusting that they will not disturb you during that sacred alone time or read your work when you aren’t home. Second, set a guideline of when you can share your ideas. Sometimes it’s a nice way to show ideas, journaling prompts, etc. when you need to. For example, I have shown my friends my spiritual journal but not my daily diary.

Another downside to journeying, is the use of paper and keeping it stored. So far, I have 17 journals stored in my memorabilia box, 8 being used, and 9 ready for the next use… that’s a lot of journals! I have recently started using recycled or decomposition notebooks (wonderful journals available at Target) to be more environmentally conscious about what I purchase. Since I still hand write out my school notes, I re-write my nice notes in decomposition notebooks as well.
I also have yet to own and use a leather journal, which is on my to-buy list… after I use what I already own. ^.^

On Wednesday, I’ll be posting about the difference between spirituality and religion. Thanks for reading this post and I wish you all the best, as we lead to the first days of spring!

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