Am Writing

Life update

I'm here and that's all that matters.



While you are reading this, I'm 100% at Scissortail Park in downtown Oklahoma City marching with hundreds of other women for the Women's March.

Am Writing, Photography

New Window Views

Maybe Jupiter's planning some fiesta for those hours that I'm gone. The world will never know.


Bright Lights

Today's photography share is of the bright lights inside the store that created a minimialistic feel in the restaurant. And hey, how cute is the sign?


New Year Lights

And I ask you- how will you keep positivity and life alive in 2020?


One Year Later

What a difference a year makes.


Sunday Stroll

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I was able to spend time out in nature.


End of the line

With it being Friday, let's start today with a new photography share I took a month ago.


Morning Dances

What a cosmic moment I got to witness that kept me grounded for the rest of the day.