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Books Galore!

A little blog blurb about my reading habits

Am Writing

Summer Lovin’ Intentions: Check-in

A look at the goals & intentions I set for this summer and the progress I’ve made in my personal life. #Progress

Am Writing

On the Road to September: Part One

A look at some light bulb moments between me, my mind, & I.
Part Two will be in August, as we drive down the road to September.

Am Writing

Shade and Sunshine

A photo from the comfort of the shaded canopy near the swimming pool.

Am Writing

24in48 Totals

Oh, a reading challenge for the weekend? Challenge accepted.

Reviewed Products


A delayed review of my one time trial of Dia & Co.


The 2 items I’m buying from Amazon’s Prime Day Deals

Two eco-friendly kitchen items I can't wait to buy on Amazon's Prime Day, July 15th.


Texas: Part One

A little quick trip to Texas for the last time in 2019.

Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


July = Summer fun for everyone!

Reviewed Products

June’s Stitch Fix Box

And on the second box, everything turned out perfect!