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Happy Friday, y’all! With Friday being here I thought why not upload some of the most unique photos I’ve taken over the past two years. 🙂
If you are new or haven’t seen me on your feed in a while, my name is Danielle Sullivan and I am a lifestyle fanatic & photographer. I also run two companies on the side because who doesn’t love discounted goodies?!?
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Now, where were we…? Ah yes– photography!

OKC Bricktown January 2020

Life update

Back in January 2020, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a Canon E0S Rebel T6 camera set, along with a tripod and memory cards. Three months later, as the world shut down, I was greatful I made a leap and invested in my art and my work. Those first few months were rough to come around and take pictures. In hindsight, my mental health took a dive that year; and, it took a lot to work my way back to functionality.

Even now, when I am close to that brink again, I have to remind myself that I am better than where I was two years ago, mentally. I’m currently having medications updated again since I’ve been on these since before 2020 and they just- meh, don’t work as well as they used to. My body also has undergone various stressors and its been difficult for me to stay healthy. I have a liver ultrasound in November and blood work to be done. Oof. That reminds me- I need to delay my dentist appointment till February. By then, I hope to have dental insurance and money saved for a filling.

Jupiter chilling in the tiny effiency apartment I was living in January 2020.

Anyways, I have been planning on asking for friends to help me out with my photography craft. For starters, I’ve been setting appointments for Autumn themed photoshoots. I have at least five clients to reach out to for headshots.

My favorite stytle of photography, the one that I feel the best at, requires no humans. Nature photography connects me to the divine. To the source within me and around me. I don’t have to direct animals around- they are where they are in the photos and I have to just be content with that.

Wow! This is the most I’ve written in one single blog post or even for online work all year. This year’s been difficult for me to have stability to where I can share words with the world. I did, however, started using video short form videos, like TikTok, to create content in the meantime. I will still keep going with that expression. Note: maybe there’s too much mental pressure to write and publish when I used to not have to stress about that before?

I hope you enjoyed this ramble of a life update. It’s 10:47 pm as I write this. Truly hope I get some sleep tonight for a fresh new day tomorrow. Again, if you can share these photos with a friend & follow me here on the website, that would mean a lot to the creative in me!

Oklahoma family reunion June 2021
Somewhere down in southeast Oklahoma

Thank you for looking at these photos and I will see you in the next post!


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