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Earth Mini Series v.2

Can you do this seven day challenge to lower your waste in your home, & community?

Am Writing

Earth Mini Series v.1

Inside look at my personal history with eco-friendly habits.

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Saving Earth

The United States has a ways to go before change can truly be seen.


Environmentalism Challenges

Starting small with reusable bags is totally fine. It means you are starting the conversation, and even reminding the human race that we need less waste!!


Clean Energy & Arcadia Power

If you are tired of electricity companies not using renewable energy, then join Arcadia Power as a way to show other companies the importance of renewable energy. 


Monday Minimalism

Hello and welcome to a new week in July! Today's post is for those who are new to minimalism and or for those who having been living this lifestyle for sometime. The mid- portion of this blog, is a fun list of what I survive with. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress… Continue reading Monday Minimalism


Menstrual Cycles are the WORST

Let's say a cycle is seven days each month and you use an average of two pads in a day. Fourteen pads in one cycle.
Fourteen times 12 equals 168.
In one year, you would spend $54 on 180 pads.
Buying even just one reusable cloth pad can reduce the amount of waste of 180 pads and even save you $35 in one year alone.


Eco Friendly Products I Use

Reduce  Reuse Recycle Hello from wherever you are reading this from! This blog post is being published written later than it should've been, but here it is! Over two years ago, I wrote a blog about living an Eco-friendly lifestyle. At the time, I had only just started to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Now… Continue reading Eco Friendly Products I Use


End of January’s Gardening Tips

     We maybe in the dead of Winter, but planning for the upcoming season can help fight around this slow season of gardening.      I actually started gardening head on in the Spring of 2014.I live in my Grandmother's house, and this is the same house I truly began to learn how to… Continue reading End of January’s Gardening Tips


Clean & Organized Home = Happy Home.

Friends and family are on there way to visit my house this weekend, and the end of the year is approaching. Charlotte, my cat, does not like the vacuum cleaner. She use to run around the house (when she wouldn't want to go outside) but now she sits on the Kitchen counter while I clean… Continue reading Clean & Organized Home = Happy Home.