Menstrual Cycles are the WORST

Hello, and welcome to a late night blog. Just so everyone knows, this review is not sponsored but does contain links to various products. Being Eco-Friendly has become easier over time, with new inventions every year. As a woman, one of the struggles I faced internally was using single use pads for my monthly cycle. 

I used to dislike them so much growing up, for various reasons. Now, I just deal with it. I also, every month, scream “God Bless I am NOT pregnant” when my cycle begins. At some point, I plan on writing a blog on why  I do not want kids, but that’s later. I’ve probably already used 2,220 pads over the course of ten years. We’ll say ten, because I have no idea what age I actually started my period. Maybe around 12-13 years old? If so, then I’e probably used about 250,000+ pads. 

That’s a lot of waste, that’ll just pile up in a landfill!

I know some women prefer tampons. I like simplicity, so tampons aren’t my favorites. Imagine how many pieces of underwear I’ve thrown out, because they were soiled beyond repair?


About a year ago, I realized my 200+ pads were the last bulk box I had. Being frustrated with the amount of waste in pads, I decided to begin my research on reusable (cloth) pads. The amount of questions I had over how to properly use reusable pads were plenty-which is where the internet comes in handy.

So far,  I only have one brand of reusable cloth pads. Luna pads can be easily purchased online through there own store, or through various retailers.  I decided to buy mine via Amazon, to help complete my $25 no shipping-shopping-spree. I also ended up buying 3 reusable make-up remover cloth pads. Needless to say, I was quite thrilled about my most recent purchases. 

Ironically, the day my Amazon shipment arrived, was the day my period started. I laughed for a little too long when I realized the irony of that. Anyways, I didn’t have to worry if my pads hadn’t arrived on time. I still had ten single use pads leftover. 

Each menstrual cycle is different. For me, days aren’t as bad as nights. I move a lot in my sleep so the Luna pads aren’t a good option for nighttime. I used some of my last pads on those nights, and most likely will purchase another Luna pad or another brand that makes reusable cloth pads.

Galaxy cloth pad, and below it are the reusable make-up cloth pads I bought. 😀

Luna Pads

Here’s how you use a Luna pad: the pad insert goes under a flap/string thing (whatever you wanna call it). This is for absorbing the blood flow, to where it doesn’t seep through the entire pad. The cloth pad itself is snapped around whatever piece of underwear you’ll be wearing for the day. I learned on day two to not wear any silky pieces of underwear with the clasped Luna pad. The pad moves, so spotting occurs on the underwear itself. It doesn’t move much, or at all, if the pad is buttoned/clasped onto cotton underwear. 

After use, rinse out said blood in the sink. Some say to pre-rinse it a couple of days before hand, so it can be pre-washed and ready to begin absorbing again. The pad itself can be fastened into a small bundle, and easy to transport in a purse or in a suitcase. 

YouTube is a wonderful resource for learning how reusable pads work. I’ve watched a few videos on how to clean your reusable cloth pad. I’m not the best at explaining the most basic instructions. The internet can be your friend.

Once  I buy a second pair of (insert name here) brand of reusable cloth pads, I’ll use that brand for nighttime wear. I learned that letting my reusable cloth pad dry over night worked well for me. One box of a Luna pad and insert is about $19. A maxi pad set of 20 pads costs $6. At first, it seems like the Luna pad is a wasted investment, but here’s some basic math:

Let’s say a cycle is seven days each month and you use an average of two pads in a day. Fourteen pads in one cycle.
Fourteen times 12 equals 168.

In one year, you would spend $54 on 180 pads.
Buying even just one reusable cloth pad can reduce the amount of waste of 180 pads and even save you $35 in one year alone.

I know some of you maybe rolling your eyes at the use of two pads in one day/night. While the use of these pads are higher numbers, I hope that it helped show how much you can save the Earth and your money on investing in reusable cloth pads. I also know that some people cringe when they think about the sanitation of reusable cloth pads. Again, if you do your research, then it’ll be more beneficial.

Other brands to consider would be Thinx, but I heard lots of mixed reviews about their products. I was following their newsletter and kept window shopping over the products they had. I then realized that I would need something for my heavy days (aka every cycle, every day) and had to do more research about other brands.

If you would like to do a little bit of investigating on reusable pads, then feel free to click the link below about Luna pads (link to their website):
Luna Pads Website

Thank you again for reading this short blog review about reusable pads. What are some of your favorite reusable cloth pad brands? Let me know in the comment section below, and I wish you all the best! 


Sorry if this blog reads a little choppy. Wanted to get this released today, and it’s 9:45 PM and its bedtime.

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