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I just got done getting all my adult to-do list items checked off my list, and now I am finally ready to publish this late Monday blog post on a early Tuesday morning. I normally don’t write blogs like this one, but I wanted to share my own personal story with my top favorite artist. Always feel free to follow me here on WordPress, or on my Facebook Page (psst- go check out the recent photo I just posted on my Photography page). 

FYI: links in this blog are to specific songs and if you would like to discover some unreleased songs, then feel free to click the links that are through out this blog.

Let’s Talk Music

Only a few times have I written blog posts about my childhood. The most recent one, was written two years ago. I had a childhood filled with separation, boundaries, and amongst those things, was only listening to one genre of music. Growing up listening to country music, there’s a large piece of late 1990’s & early 2000’s music I didn’t discover till later in life.

One, of these artists, I didn’t discover until the spring of 2008. I was preparing for high school marching band, and was reading over the sheet music we were given before the end of the spring semester. I had no clue what Thriller sounded like, and my best friend went straight to YouTube and had me watch the music video… in the dark. Turned up loud.  I haven’t ever been a fan of horror movies, but the music video did what it was meant to do- scare and creep you out.

For most of 2008, I started to slowly begin turning my attention towards Michael Jackson’s music. Side note: My mother claims that she would always play Michaels music on when I was in first grade, but I don’t recall much of that. On June 25th, 2009 I was at band camp at Oklahoma State University, and I found out via text message that he passed away. I, well, was heartbroken. A little bit too much for my age (going into sophomore year in high school), and I was only just getting started into learning MJ’s music style and other artistic style’s he showed on and off the stage.

I did in fact play MJ’s music on the radio and had kids my age tell me to turn down the music, because they were tired of listening to MJ’s music. Did those kids know about my fascination with a new artist? No. Did they need to? No.On my return trip home to Texas, you better believe I had MTV on all weekend. 


I’ve always had the Bad vinyl album cover, but no vinyl. The vinyl was broken, but I still value the original cover. My first Michael Jackson vinyl is in fact the 25th anniversary vinyl.

Story Time

For one thing, I have been a musician for about fifteen years. Most of it via tenor trombone (which was stollen from me this past year), and most recently via electric piano. Once, I bought a piano book with all of Michael’s music and then I gave it to a friend. Earlier this year, I bought it again (and vowed not to give it away again).

Because of my childhood, a lot of songs that never made the top charts became my favorites. For example, I’m So Blue should never be played too frequently during September- November. During my freshman year in University, I drove my dorm roommates crazy with my music- Michael Jackson being one of them. That was during a time in my little world, where depression was a new thing.  Years later, I gladly play my music in my one bedroom apartment, but to where I don’t upset anyone.

One of the odd reasons I enjoy Michael Jackson’s music, is because I discovered him near the end of his career. During my middle school and high school days, I didn’t veer towards Green Day or any types of music that was too rebellious for my taste. Michael Jackson’s music was my own form of rebelling.

I only heard that rumors were spread during the trial days and such, but didn’t care to look into until the past few years. Good lord, Michael went through so much turmoil with the press. Earlier tonight, when I was doing some adult stuff, I put my This Is It DVD on. While I never enjoyed it much, it’s a fun movie to have on in the background. I found the movie more saddening because the movie is shot between April and June of 2009, not long before he passes away.

I also distinctly remember taking my younger sister to see the movie as a Midnight release in October 2010. She doesn’t like MJ too much, but her taste in music is K-Pop. We both cried during what was supposed to be the Earth Song set in his curtain call show, and then I was again, creeped out by the Thriller set in the movie.

Note: If you haven’t seen This Is It, I would suggest now, since re watching it this evening. The original purpose for the documentation was to honor the crew members and cast who were preparing the show for This Is It. The first interview segment, is from the dance cast, giving their love and stories to and for Michael Jackson. That hit me hard this evening. Do you ever realized the effect one person’s can have on an audience, a whole generation? Like wow.

Michael Jackson piano book & the Michael Jackson Bad 25th anniversary vinyl.

Hot Take

When you find out that someone likes a certain artist, the first question is always the same: what is your favorite song? Favorite album? I always tell the story of how I discovered Thriller first, only for the purpose of playing it in marching band.

And because I played it so many times in high school (and some college marching band), I started to become disgusted with Thriller being played every October. Now since I’ve been out of marching band for five years, I’m okay with the song being played in October or any other time of the year.

To answer my own question (favorite song, favorite album) would Invincible, 2001. During high school, I couldn’t get behind Michael’s last album, but since I’ve been in a several failed friendships and relationships, I can relate to that album the most now. The first few years, I always enjoyed Off the Wall. As my lifestyle changes, I lean more towards his unreleased songs. Those,  spurs more of an emotional impact on me. Which, is why I tend to skip over some of his most famous songs, because they are too happy for me. Spotify has a This Is Michael Jackson playlist, and while I don’t always play Michael Jackson every day, that playlist let’s me skip through the one’s I need to listen to at that moment. Yay for Spotify Premium.

I have always wanted to write about how Michael Jackson has influenced my life, but even now certain emotions and words are best kept to myself. During my high school prom, I was pulled to the dance floor to dance to Michael Jackson…. there’s a video somewhere. I’m just glad that my coordination had improved, so I can at least dance to Beat It without stepping on someone’s toes. 

Manifestation and the Universe

Any time I am out in public, I use sounds and certain signs as ways I connect with God/Universe (whatever you believe, insert here). Over the year, I’ve learned that if anything from Michael’s music to shirts at Hot Topic is seen or heard, then I start to feel an internal excitement. The Universe is with me. I am safe. It’s going to be okay. Divine timing. I have learned that if Michael Jackson is played at one of my jobs, I tend to sing the song out loud. Sometimes, I’ve gotten stares from my co-workers and other times I get compliments from customers. I tend to sing in harmony or odd chords that I’ve only discovered would fit well within the musical score. 


Digital prints from the UK ebay store that took almost a month to be delivered. Well worth the wait.

Over the past six months, I have started to embrace that I am a Michael Jackson fan. Some of the backlash of his press “stuff” has worn off, but he’s not too popular where I am. Living in the southwest, country is still a prominent preference with music choices. Which, I don’t mind (Garth Brooks is another favorite of mine) since I can still handle country in small doses.

Pictured through out this blog, are some cool Michael Jackson merchandise I’ve collected over this year alone, and most likely have reached my limit. The only items I already owned was several DVD’s. Most of my CD’s were sold years ago, but I do have one Michael Jackson vinyl. If anything, I would love to buy more Michael Jackson vinyl’s. And, possibly reread the Michael Jackson book that was written in 1989 and then republished shortly after he passed away. Before I do, I have other plans for my money.

Favorite Songs:

Carousel (Thriller album)


Just start on those two songs via YouTube, and watch as other unreleased songs (there’s hundreds of them) and enjoy Michael’s work. I always find it interesting why some songs were released on certain albums, but other’s weren’t.

There are three artists who have saved my life over the past ten years: Michael Buble, Garth Brooks, and Michael Jackson. I am grateful that Jackson’s music has such an influence on everyone, and grateful for the powerful meaning of his music. Rest In Peace, as always.

Do you have any favorite Michael Jackson fun facts, or songs? Let me know in the comment section below, and I will love to connect with you on WordPress or any available social media platform.


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