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Hello from wherever you are reading this from! This blog post is being published written later than it should’ve been, but here it is! Over two years ago, I wrote a blog about living an Eco-friendly lifestyle. At the time, I had only just started to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Now with a tiny apartment, I am proud of the transitions I have made this year.

Note: The magazine in the header photo, is The Farmhouse Movement! It’s a new magazine that started in January, and It’s a wonderful magazine to pair with this topic!

I write blogs about lifestyle improvements, book reviews, and other topics I feel compelled to write about. You can always feel free to follow me here on WordPress, or Blog Lovin’. For now, let’s start the discussion on living a more balanced, Eco- conscious lifestyle. All links to where you can purchase these products are at the end of this blog!

The Basics
I didn’t start taking recycling more seriously until about four years ago, when I was going to college. I am now able to live with less-I am able to enjoy what I have.

When you go into your local coffee store, don’t forget to bring in your reusable cup for your coffee or tea. This will help save on one plastic cup, as well as saving you money (depending on the store, depends on how much you save).
When you go to shopping for groceries, books, or clothing please remember to bring your reusable bag. Some places give you discounts for bringing in your bag. This, is the best way to make an impact on reducing your use of plastic or paper bags. 

Personally, I use large plastic cups (for those days I forget to bring in a reusable cup), as seed starters. So far, my garden hasn’t been doing well, because I don’t get a lot of sunlight being on the third floor and in consistent shade. 

Remember that there is always an alternative to what you use now. I have used up all the lotions that have been given to me, and I no longer have any candles. Soon, I’ll be able to buy a reusable make-up remover cloth. For now, I am down the the last small stash of cotton make-up bags. Near the end of this blog, will be a little list of what I plan on buying next!


Aero Garden is doing quite well, amongst my reusable bags.


Let’s say you are close to using up all your paper coffee filters. Instead of going to go and buy more paper filters, consider buying a reusable filter. I bought one in February and while I am still have the the last 10 paper filters, it makes me feel better know in that when I do use the last of the paper filters, I will be okay for the reusable one.
Earlier I mentioned grocery shopping- did you know you can help reduce EVEN MORE plastic, by bringing in reusable produce bags? I have only been using reusable produce bags for a few months. I laugh every time the cashier at the grocery store gives me a weird look, because of the lack of plastic I have used for my shopping.

While I no longer use eggs, I did use a reusable egg storage container for three years. The two I have, I gave to a friend and a family member. I was able to use it well for the trips to the Farmers market, when I would buy eggs (and not have to use the egg carton).

That little bottle, is a sample of Lush shaving cream. *Adds to shopping list*

Beauty Products

I was given a lot of small shampoo bottles and conditioners, because my Grandmother wanted to save me money and a trip to Lush Cosmetics. While I don’t like the products themselves, I didn’t want them to go to waste in the trash. I am now down the last bit of hotel styled hair products.
Lush Cosmetics is a fantastic brand. I’ve written blogs about them, and once did a Lush YouTube video. I have used up most of what I have had stored from Lush cosmetics. I am now down to the shampoo that I haven’t used in a few months. More on that later.

I was able to use up all the store bought toothpaste I had collected over the years. Now, I use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. It’s one of the best options for a natural toothpaste, and has recycled packaging. 

IT Cosmetics, a staple product I buy from Sephora, is cruelty- free! I just found out about them this past fall, and if you can tell in the photo, I use it a lot! I plan on buying another one soon. Speaking of make-up, Eco Tools is a fantastic brand for make-up brushes, and a sponge make-up tool. You can buy some at Target, Sprouts, or major retail stores.

Tom’s toothpaste, IT Cosmetics foundation, and Eco Tools make-up brush set.

Products I Need to Buy

1. Reusable Make-up pads 
2. Cloth Napkins (I have not used paper towels in over a year)
3. Reusable Pads, most likely the Luna Pads brand (because being on your period means using too many pads within seven days)
4. LED light bulbs (I’ll transition the ones in my apartment, when they finish on me. Plus, I hardly ever use the overhead lights, anyways)
5. Drying Rack (While I am doing laundry at my Grandma’s house (for the time being), I’d like to transition back to having a drying rack. I had one, but then it broke a month after usage
6. A major Lush haul (the brands I was using, they stopped selling for the time being)

Other notes:
1. Save your glass jars. I use them for storing medicine, supplies, and food. I have over ten glass jars sitting waiting to be used above my refrigerator. 
2. Reuse your used coffee grounds and food scraps for compost!
3. Reuse boxes and packaging for sending out packages, or for taking books to be donated to the library!

Links to a few of the products I use:

Fridge Egg carton (Target)

Reusable Coffee Filters (Amazon)

Reusable Produce Bags (Target)

The Farmhouse Movement Magazine


What Eco-friendly products or brands do you use? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a fantastic Earth Day (April 22nd)! 

 Danielle (Facebook Page link)


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