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Lost Boy book review

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! Today’s blog is still on time, but being released later in the day. Last month, I read a book that was recommended to me by a co-worker. Next week’s book review, is about my friends poetry book. If you would like to follow me for more book reviews, as well as lifestyle articles, please feel free to! I am getting better at responding to comments, as well as reading fellow bloggers writings and the like!

My Love for Peter Pan

I get asked all the time, what is my favorite book. My to-go to answer is Peter Pan, as a children’s classic. Last year, I wrote an article about my review of Peter Pan. Another basic reason I enjoy Peter Pan so much, is because of my childhood and life events I have learned from. My co-worker recommended me this book last month, and I did not know it existed until she told me about it.

Christina Henry’s Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook is a well written Peter Pan adaptation. The novel is written in three parts (island, Sally, While it is told from the point of view of Jamie Hook, you are able to still have feelings for Peter. In this story, Peter was a boy who wanted everything to be played his way, as well as all the attention on him. 

Jamie Hook was the first Lost Boy that Peter brought to the island. The band of boys continued to grow to where eventually, the amount of new boys arriving wouldn’t last as long as the older ones did. The youngest boy Peter ever brought to the island, was a five year old boy who was constantly watched over by Jamie. 

With Peter’s irresponsibility towards the boys, Peter managed to always avoid the reality of living on the island. All the work for hunting and the like, were left to the boys. Keeping up with the magic of the island, the only way you were able to stay young, was if you were able to believe in Peter Pan. After many seasons, Jamie begins to see through Peter’s flaws and begins to grow up- inch by inch.

I was expecting one of Peter’s classic friends, Wendy, to come into play, at some point in the novel. I was quite shocked that it did not happen. I’ll keep one of the spoiler’s not in the review, but it was a wonderful twist in the story. And, other twists in the story, include the story being a story filled with murder and the like.

One of my favorite pages early on in the book, was Christina’s description of the island. There’s a map included on the inside of the book. The description of the island is a great resource for me, to use for describing my own island, in my own story. 


He wanted the boy and Peter got what he wanted- always.

Christina also wrote The Red Queen, The Mermaid, and other great historical fantasy novels that I hope to read later down the road. For now, I am happy with this book I read. I also gave it to a friend to borrow, and i hope to see it returned soon. It happens, with books not being returned until months later. Which, is why I’ve stopped borrowing books from friends.


Have you read any of Christina’s works? This one was my first but if you have, please let me know which one I should read next! Thank you so much for reading this post, and I wish you the best this week!

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