April’s Goals

It’s a new week, and I just got around to making my goals for this month. Just so you know, you can always follow me here on WordPress, as I write at least three articles a week. This weeks articles are about the goal setting process I take, and to keeping it simple. 

It took me about ten minutes to set very basic goals for this month. I realized that I hadn’t gotten a chance to set goals for this month, when I was looking at my daily schedule for this week. I base my goals around do ability and small progressive steps forward. What I accomplish this month, will help make next month a better month, goal wise.

I keep my goals simple, so that I can easily accomplish what I can, amidst mental health concerns. I write out basic what I want to do each month, with basic steps on how to get there. 

Separate your goals into categories:

Some good categories include mental and physical health (I write them up as two separate categories), financial, education, creativity road map (more on that later), and finally a career goal. This month, I want to focus my career goal under my blog, because I might be making some changes soon, but we’ll see.

A creativity road map, an idea I got from following Heather Hayden (link here to her April Goals blog) via email updates. Every month, she shows her creativity road map, and then I started to create mine, over two months ago. I have had some success but realized my problem:

Too many goals can be overwhelming. If you can reach the one’s you set at a reachable level, then the one’s that are the next step up become easier. 

Here are some goals (excluding the creativity road map) I have for the rest of this month:

-Daily Mindfulness 

-Going to the gym at least three times a week

-More home cooked meals (especially for those days where I work two jobs and stay out all day)

Look into readmission into University (I had to withdraw in 2015 due to medical problems that are solved, as of now)

-Three articles per week

Sleep and is very important for going towards you goals. An underrated tool that can help in every day life.

What are goals you have set for this month? Let me know in the comments below, and I wish you the a productive month! 

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