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Welcome in the first official full month of Spring!  If you are new to my blog, then feel free to follow my blog for literature & lifestyle blog topics. Ever since September, I’ve been writing monthly insights on what’s going on in my world. I have been able to write book reviews for the past three Wednesdays, and I hope to continue that momentum going for this month. 

Word of the month: Spring. Springing forward is one way to describe my momentum I have had thus far this year. Spring for me, means gardening, baseball season, and more time outdoors!

Making:  Simplifying my breakfast with Greek yogurt, strawberries, and cereal- mixed together? Yum!

Drinking: Spring and summer means staying hydrated! I’ve started drinking more Chai Tea Latte’s over regular coffee. Except on the days that it rains, then I switch to rose tea or dark roast coffee.

Watching: Two sport events happen within the first week of this month: Red Sox MLB home opener on April 5th and WrestleMania 34 from New Orleans on April 8th. This Friday, I will be releasing a blog about my love for wrestling, and what WrestleMania is! I canceled my Netflix, because I wasn’t using it. I get Hulu for free, so most of what I watch is sports. 

Listening: Found a new podcast, by accident. This is a good accident to find, because most of the podcasts I listen to are sports related. Chasing Creative, is a podcast by two women who discuss balancing life, parenting, as well as fostering a creative environment. 


I bought a literary journal from Barnes & Noble this past month, to track the books I read and for note taking.

Last month, I was able to read three books: Milk and Honey, Go Set A Watchman, and Lost Boy. I have already written book reviews for each of those, and this upcoming week, the book review for Lost Boy will be up!
This month, I plan on finishing a poetry book a friend of mine published, Poetry for a Wandering Soul. I was going to read it last month, but I started Lost Boy instead. I haven’t figured out what my second book for April will be, so I might let Twitter decide for me, like they did in March!




IMG_0653 (1).jpg
Little indoor garden has started, now since I’m waiting for my other plants to sprout!

 My little indoor garden I started last month? It’s started growing quite fast, and I have plenty of cilantro and mint. Waiting for the tomatoes to show up, which will help my meals become more creative with different food options.





Book Marking: Camp season means saving money to go camping. I haven’t gone camping since I was a young child, so I’d like to go out camping in June or July. I found this tent that I might buy, so I can go camping. Speaking of camping, Camp NaNoWriMo has officially started, as of yesterday! For all my writing friends, check out the blog I wrote this past Friday about my goals for this camping season. 🙂




I am also enjoying the quilting project I did a couple of weeks ago, which was a t-shirt quilt. Took 34 hours to complete, in three days, but I am glad that I was able to finish it (with my basic sewing skills).




Smelling: I used up all my candles! This past month, I switched to incense sticks, which allows me to use them more sparingly then I used my candles. I’ve got various smells, ranging from New Moon to Fresh Day. I hope to buy more, so I can use them for rituals and the like.

Feeling: Calm. Last month, I had lots of small events occur to build up to a slight change of my lifestyle. Hoping that by taking small steps forward, I can accomplish what I want and need to do this month! My depression has started improving, especially since the weather’s improved. 


Do you have any exciting plans for this month? Let me know in the comments below and I wish you all the best. 

Danielle (Twitter account)

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