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New Author Book Blurb

Hello, and welcome to this week’s book discussion! For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to write book reviews on every Wednesday, so I hope to continue to with this momentum for the rest of the month. Today’s review is over a book I did a Facebook live book review over, but because of technology issues, I wanted to write this one as a short blurb, as a re-do. 

Daughters of the Eclipse by Patience Godwin, is a sci-fy romance story that involves time travel, diversity, and magic. This is the first book of a trilogy that is set to be released every couple of years, is my understanding. 

I read this book in February, after buying an autographed copy at Barnes & Noble.  Since this is Patience’s first book, I was willing to read it and review it. The book was published in a larger print, and was only three hundred pages. The cover, is beautiful. Like, look at the header photo- its so pretty!

Diverse Books

We need more diverse books. This was a stepping stone for me to look into purchasing more diverse books BY diverse authors. I ended up venting in the Facebook live video about this, but in short, we need more people who are willing to read diverse books, as well as write diverse books. It wouldn’t be the same if I were to write a diverse story, because I am Caucasian. I don’t know from experience about racism, and other issues that those who are diverse deal with.

If you want to watch the Facebook Live video, click here. It’s about 45 minutes long, and I go into more in depth about the book. I just wanted to write out the diverse book section in a better way than I talked about it months ago. Go check out Daughters of the Eclipse, on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Do you have any strong opinions about diverse books? Let me know in the comments below, and I hope you have a fantastic week, filled with books and coffee!


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