Camp NaNoWriMo Goals for April

Are you excited for the new month approaching in a couple of days? I sure am, because March was a whirlwind of car stuff, money, and life events! Feel free to follow me here on my blog, as I write about writing, lifestyle, and other various subjects. One day, I want to provide a downloadable PDF of goodies. For now, I’ll work on what I can do, which is giving fun information and updates. 

Sunday begins camp season for those of us participating in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) community. I have been a part of this community since the fall of 2015, and while I do well during the month of November, the camp season usually takes a backspin.


What is Camp NaNoWriMo?

Camp NaNoWriMo is a laid back monthly goal for writing, editing, creating. You can join a cabin, or be randomly selected to join one based on genres, or completely random cabins.  With April also being National Poetry & Letter Writing Month, what I accomplish in April is light, compared to July or even the 50,000 word goal for November.Between December-March, I take those months off from writing, but I do tend to review what writing content I have, to see where I need to work on. Over the past few years, I have done better during April’s camp season, compared to July. I am usually outdoors more often in July, and not ever wanting to write as much.

My Goals

Ever since December, I have been editing and plotting. I have a tendency to over plot, so in April, I want to write. Doesn’t matter what I write, as long as I am writing. The blog here consists of 2-3 articles per week, and I already know what I want to write for the month of April (Eco-friendly tips, book reviews, etc.). I should have blogs that are about 5,000 words in length by the end of the month, so I’ll be good on that score. 

OKC Campers 

 Earlier this week, I created a cabin for the writers in the Oklahoma City area. Since we also have a OKC Facebook Group page, I was able to share the public cabin with them, and we already have 20 cabin mates! This is exciting, because now I feel more inclined to check the cabin daily, to help motivate others to write, as well as sharing what was accomplished. The cabin is full of fantastic creators I’ve worked with over the years, as well as new friends! Camp NaNo is a great way to connect online, and not feel rushed to connect in person, like in November. 

Balancing Gardening, Work life, & Writing

Gardening season, as well as Baseball season, has arrived. I also work sixty hours a week, as well as going to the gym about 2-3 times a week. Writing time occurs between jobs as well as early in the morning (and weekly writing sessions at Starbucks, hence the Starbucks header picture). I have started to make simple goals for each day, so I don’t feel overwhelmed by little things in life.


If you are new to the writing community, participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, or even NaNoWriMo in November, feel free to share your success tips in the comments below. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I will be actively giving out tips for writers, as well as participating with NaNoWriMo Sprints! 

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I wish you the best of luck this Camp season!

Danielle (Twitter link)

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