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Yes, this December monthly blog is behind by 20 days. In this blog, you’ll get to read about my adventures I’ve had this month, and my reflection on this year. As always, feel free to subscribe to my blog, which is easy to remember because its my name (Danielle Sullivan) + the number 17= I have continued to keep my blog official for this next year. Personally, I love everyone I have interacted with online as well as improving on my writing. As we are in the last month of December, here’s what going on in my tiny side of the world:

Making: This morning, I made strawberry toast. I made a simpler toast recipe, which was done by making traditional toast, and then placing fresh strawberries  on top of the strawberry jam (or, you can have it on top of butter). Here is a link to healthier alternatives to strawberry toast.

Drinking: So I finished off my store bought coffee I stocked up on earlier this year. I am down to Dominican coffee. I’m not using it as much, because I’m trying to use the last 5 tea bags I have (black tea, herbal tea, etc.). I’ll be trying out more Eco-friendly coffee (goodbye Starbucks) in a couple of weeks. I’ll be picking out the brand of choice at Sprouts, which is in my area of town.

Watching: All month, I’ve been alternating between The West Wing and Friends. Earlier this year, I completed Friends. Because Netflix removed How I Met Your Mother (I’ve already watched through it once), I decided I would go back and watch Friends. For those of you who know of any good sitcom shows that are on Netflix, comment below good comedy ones! I’m on season 2 of Friends, but I’m not really paying attention when its on-mainly just background noise for me. The West Wing, however, I have I am now to the final five episodes. It’s interesting how it almost parallels what’s going on currently in politics in the United States.

Reading: A friend of mine gave me a first edition poetry book written in 1941. I love reading poetry, but I am not the best at writing poetry. I think one of my issues with reading poetry, is the style of voice of when you read it. Reading poetry out loud for me, helps not read or write poems in a similar pattern for each poem. It’s difficult for me to explain in words, so that maybe a YouTube video for the future.
I am also reading Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s newest book this year, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I wanted to purchase this book earlier this year, I just had to wait until I was ready to read it. I’m only a few chapters in, but the book is only about 200 pages, so I”ve got 125 pages left. I should be able to finish the book by the end of this month/end of the year (same thing, practically). 

Loving: On the 1st of this month, I moved into my little 485 sq. foot apartment. I’ve lived with roommates before (two different times) but this time, I am living by myself. While financially it’s not the best option, personally it is. The reason I had to move out of my Grandmother’s house (I lived there for a year, and then was there 2013-2014) is because my Grandmother is selling her house and going to Australia for a year. It just worked out that I moved in this month, because she starts leaving sooner than projected.

Currently, loving the fact I live alone. I am actually not far from work, entertainment, and shopping. This week, I finally got unlimited internet for my apartment, as well as renter’s insurance. While the bills are expensive right now, I am doing all that I can to bring down the cost of my bills. For example, my electricity bill for December was only $2.95 (you read that right, folks) because I got $20 off my first bill via Arcadia Power, which is a wind powered electric company. It works with your electric company, and you can use 50% wind power (via the free version) to lower the cost of your electricity bill. Want to learn more about Arcadia Power? Sign-up here to learn more information!

Book Marking: With a new place, comes better decorating. I follow multiple artists on Society 6, a fantastic website to support artists by purchasing designed curtains, towels, art prints, etc. I plan on purchasing a large window curtain for my living room curtain and a shower curtain. Here are the two designs I have book marked:

Tapestry created by user space99, and the Gemini shower curtain by SapphireTomoe.


Enjoying: I don’t know about you guys, but for whatever reason, the fact that its the Holidays hasn’t sunk in yet (we are four days away from Christmas, 10 days away from New Year’s Eve). While it hasn’t snowed in Oklahoma City yet, I am looking forward to having Christmas Day off, which will be nice. I have a few holiday decorations up, and I’m playing a few holiday songs here and there, but not as much as I use to. Yes, working with holiday music becomes background noise except when I listen at home. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Smelling: Same smells from the previous two months, nothing much changes when we go into the Winter season. I have two small holiday candles, so my apartment smells like cinnamon and nutmeg. I’m still trying to use the last of my Fall Bath & Body Works spray. 

Listening: Simply put, my music hasn’t changed too much over the past few months. I do have a CD I found from my middle school days, I’ve been listening to the same things on Spotify and YouTube. The CD that I found, by the way, is by Andean Fusion beyond the Andes Volume 14. Andean Fusion is a Peruvian Pan Flute Band. I bought the CD either during my visit to San Antonio back in 2007, or when I was visiting a Native American tribe in Oklahoma.
Earlier this month, I was recommended to listen to Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties. I plan on listening to it soon and hopefully going into 2018!

Feeling: This one has been difficult to pinpoint.

Today, I did a treadmill test, to continue working on my health. At the end of last month, I had an electrocardiogram done, to see how my heart was doing. While this is common, the doctors found a hole in the upper chambers of my heart (10% of women have this). When I was born, my heart stopped beating and I was flown to Houston Children’s Heart Hospital for several weeks. Once I was let out, no one did any further testing to continue checking up on my heart. From 2008-2013, I was in marching band in high school and college. But every year, I would pass out due to heat exhaustion. And as someone who gave up sodas years ago (and continuing to eat healthier every day), I was tired of passing out, and having other medical problems. So that’s how I arrived to seeing a Cardiologist (note: what expedited me going to see specialty Doctor’s was me waking up paralyzed during Summer School at The University of Oklahoma in 2015) over the past two years. I won’t hear results until the end of the year but at least I know I am done testing for the rest of this year.

What does all that information have to do with feelings? I was feeling under a lot of stress from parts of the world on how to continue living every day better as well as making bills, saving money, and returning to school. A little stress is motivating, but too much can overwhelm the human body. This stress though, through mindful meditation, has led me to be grateful what I have, and grateful for what is to come. Just waking up every morning and saying positive affirmations works as well. In short, I am feeling grateful. Grateful for all the people I have worked with, become friends with, and have learned lessons from. It can be difficult to realize that sometimes what we have now is just enough.



Happy  winter solstice! I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s taking inventory blog. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your 2017, as well as a Happy New Year!

Holiday Cheers, 

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