2017 & 2018 Resolutions

Welcome to the end of the year festivities! 

Half-way through 2017, I did a self-evaluation on the goals I had made for this year. Some of them, I was able to accomplish, and others not so much. I have learned over the years about the best ways to go around accomplishing resolutions, and how we end up in our own way, at times. 
You may notice a pattern with the goals I made- starts out with well intentions, but then I lose my way half-way (and occasionally gain momentum). And, that the word for 2018 is improvement.

Health Goals:

My original goal was to make at least 10,000 steps a day. I mainly worked my way till July with that accomplishment, but around the last few months, the average step goal has gone down to about 7,000. I’m not bothered by the slight decrease in steps, but I would like to go back to increasing my steps per day by exercising a little bit more than I do currently.

At the beginning of 2017, I started at 234 pounds. Currently I am at 206 pounds. I am proud of my accomplishment, and for 2018 I would like to shed more weight and continue gaining muscle as well.

For 2018, my fitness goal is to workout two days in a row, followed by a rest day. This would allow about 4-5 days of working out per week. While I didn’t get to run in the Oklahoma City 5K like I wanted to, I am glad that my running has improved and I have started logging in more miles.

I did, however, get an electrocardiogram and a stress test done on my heart this fall. I am hoping to resolve any heart issues me and my family discovered in 2015 solved by 2018.


Finance Goals:

In the beginning of this year, I was living with my Grandmother. This past month, I moved into my own apartment in the city. While my bills have increased, my debt has lowered a little bit over this year. For example, my summer tuition from 2015 was paid off at The University of Oklahoma. My emergency fund ran out this fall, but I hope to strengthen it again this upcoming year.  For 2018, I would like to be able to continue my debt snowball, while also curbing bad spending habits.



Mental Health Goals:

2017, I started out strong. Around July, my own self-care routines and methods began to not work as well as they did over the past two years. I am still in the rebuilding phases of my own mental health, and I am glad I have made it through this year. Part of my mental health goal was also to visit the parks, and go to the library more often. That, did get accomplished.
The goal for this one is simple: improvement for 2018.

Simple Living Goals:

Over the pat couple of years, I have begun living a healthier lifestyle. I have become better at being a vegetarian, as well as beginning my transition to minimalism living. When I moved into my apartment, I was able to purge out old clothes, items, etc. that no longer served me. My apartment is 485 square feet, so I have small spaces to work with, which doesn’t bother me.
For 2018.I would like to continue these improvement and begin to explore ways to continue to live with less, but understand that I am not a lesser person for owning less.

Reading and Writing Goals:

And finally, I was able to do some writing this year. I was able to complete National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the third time, and get lots of creative junk worked out. In 2018, I am going to buckle down on my writing, and continue to strive for the best I can write. I did, improve my blog here, write more articles, as well as gain followers (thank you for joining me on this creative journey!). My reading goal for 2017 was to read 17 books.  That, is usually five more books than I usually read in a year. I’ll be writing my next blog about the books I did (and didn’t) complete in 2017. For 2018, I would like to continue reading as many books as I can.


What are your goals for this upcoming year? Always feel free to interact with me on Twitter, *my new Facebook page*, and through the blog. I wish all of you a positive and hopeful 2018!



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