The Waiting Game & Change (NaNoWriMo edition).

This fall, I’ve started to embrace change that has begun. The most ironic thing about change, is the resistance to change. At the beginning, the change we start to see unfold, becomes harder and harder to embrace.  But this month, I have also had to play the waiting game on beginning my new life. Let’s use my life situation as an example:

For the past couple of months, I have been working longer hours. While that was the first start the beginning of change, it has been nice to have the income in savings and paying bills ahead of time. The money is savings is part of my Emergency Fund and for my upcoming new lease at a new apartment.  I am awaiting results for a better job, and I’ve been waiting for almost over a week. I hope to hear back from them, by at least today.

I was expecting to move to a new apartment early 2018, but life threw a curve ball and I’m having to move in December of this year. The house I’ve lived in for the past year (and when I lived here in 2013-2014) is on the market, and is being sold soon. In a couple of months, I plan on writing about what it was like to live with a family member who has the onset development of dementia. But I won’t write about that until I am moved into my apartment, and have settled in to collect my thoughts on the whole experience.

Time sped up for me, this past fall, and I’ve been spending the past week packing everything in plastic storage tubs, and boxes. I didn’t hear from the apartment until this past Friday that I was approved to move in, after waiting over a week after putting in my application. So for one out of the three, its nice to have one less stress on waiting answered.

This final part of change and waiting, is my recent Echocardigram I did last week. Tomorrow in the morning, I go visit the Cardiologist to discuss the results of my exam. We’ll also be discussing what further testing will need to be done. Just for reference, an Echocardigram is a ultrasound of the heart. I have had heart issues ever since I was born (my heart stopped beating shortly after I was born, and I had to be sent to Texas Children’s Hospital for a month or so). I was in marching band for over seven seasons, and every season I had issues with heat exhaustion and staying healthy. I haven’t been in marching band since 2013, and I have finally been okay’d to see a Cardiologist, after going through Neurologist testing and the like. 

Again, I am learning how to wait for life (and Universe) to show the results I need so I can improve my life. Waiting takes patience. And even as a Hufflepuff, my patience can be tested over time. Sometimes, we are given answers we may not find in our favor. Life, in its own way, could be pointing us towards a new lifestyle, person, etc.


Be thankful for what life has given, and what life has taken away from you. Being grateful and thankful every day, helps you see everything that life is bringing to you. The time spent in gratitude helps illuminate what may feel like a horrible situation into a life lesson.

I am grateful for how this year has evolved not just for me, but for my family as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and I hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

How do you handle waiting on results and working on change? Let me know in the comment section. Feel free to like, share, and follow me here on my WordPress blog and on Twitter (Twitter link here).


Autumn Leaves, 

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