The Power of Social Media

Happy Friday!

Social media at first glance, can take its toll on you emotionally. Over the past few years, I’ve began de-cluttering my social media accounts. Political and mental health discussions occur daily between people I have or have not met in person yet (some I have considered ‘In Real Life’ friends). 

Negativity is what I scroll past and don’t even acknowledge. Twitter is especially the place where when people start name calling each other, trying to lower each person down to another level. 

Don’t sink down to their level, or their level. Be your own person.

Have you thought about how much of an influence you can have on your own account on someone else’s social media account? I always refer to Twitter account on my blog here (@DanielleSully19 link here). I try, as much as possible, to only tweet, retweet positive events going on. With the way that the world has evolved, its difficult to do this in times of stress and life events going on. In those monuments, the love button is critical.

When you are having a bad day at work, or a family member isn’t getting on your nerves, I have learned the difficult way don’t post about that person or situation on social media. It WILL come back against you. Note: not everything has to be shared on major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Snapchat is a different story. That’s similar to karma, is it not? Only a few times in my life have I posted personal things on Facebook. The few times I did were in High School and I was going through my first phases of depression and I learned that reaching out on social media for help looked like I was asking for attention. 

Facebook is the one page where I actually spend the least amount of time on. I only check messenger, because that’s how I stay in contact with friends and family. I don’t even have the Facebook app on my phone anymore, because I was wasting time on Facebook when I should’ve been writing, reading, or meditating. Twitter, is the one I have on my phone. Ironically, my Twitter feed is more positive then Facebook. I think its because my Twitter community is filled with artists, sports fans, and colleagues. We have a different way of talking on Twitter than on Facebook.

Some days, its really nice to take a break from social media. Take a day or two away from posting statuses, and just go live your life. And for the love of mankind, I am tired of people stalking people on social media. It just bothers me to no end when people do that. 

Be your own positive energy!  

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick blurb and as always, you can feel free to follow me on my blog!



1 thought on “The Power of Social Media”

  1. Good job Dani.
    I have been as guilty as anyone about being negative on social media, the current president is my anger issue.


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