Last month I started a new taking stock or taking inventory series on my blog. The idea came from Keria Lenox’s blog (go follow her here, she’s awesome!). I know what you’re thinking. Danielle, it’s already the 18th of October. Why are you late in making this article? I almost hesitated in making one for October, but for being consistency sake I should stick to the schedule I create.

Making: I haven’t been experimenting with new foods lately. I have however, have been making new memories with friends this month and been making room for the change that has started to evolve in my life, naturally.

Drinking: Water, lots of it. I had lots of coffee in September. I have actually used up most of the coffee from home and now I am down to the breakfast blend and espresso roast from Starbucks. I am glad that I am finally down to the last bit of coffee, because now I can switch to a more Eco-friendly coffee brands the like. I’ll begin my search next month when I finish the coffee beans that I have this month. 

Watching: I haven’t been watching as much TV. During these final months of light outside, I try to spend as much time outside as I can. Like today, I spent an hour outside sitting in the sunlight. Twas nice-anyways… I’ve mainly been watching Wrestling, per usual, and Baseball. Post Season, Babbyy! My favorite MLB Team, the Boston Red Sox, were eliminated by my hometown team of the Houston Astros, but I also like Chicago. So we’ll see who ends up where.

Reading: With National Novel Writing Month being less than 15 days away (ahhh) I haven’t been reading much. I just started earlier this month King Arthur and the Story of His Knights by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have gotten to the part where Arthur gives his sword to his “brother” and then his brother goes and takes the sword to claim it as his own. I need to read more, I will. 

Loving: Last month, especially the last two weeks, I struggled with loving myself and loving life. Over the past two weeks I have been able to rethink my way around my current life situation and love myself, and my life. Remember: its not that you hate your life, you just dislike the life situation you are in right now.



Book Marking: Quotes. A lot of quotes on my Pinterest right now, but quotes. You can follow me here on Pinterest. But like one quote I just saved this morning reads “Optimism is the best way to see life.”

Enjoying: My tea right now, in this moment. My favorite tea shop, Urban Teahosue, is a small business that’s been open for almost three years for sure (they might’ve already been open for five now, who knows). I like the lavender earl grey tea on my days off from work- gives me a break from coffee!

Smelling: Last month, I used the rest of my Bath and Body works summer and spring collection of sprays. Since I’ve been downgrading what I own, I am now down to one half-used bottle of Bath and Body Works Champagne, Apple & Cherry. I loved it more last year than this year, so I’ll be happier when its gone.

Listening: Autumn is officially here now. If you’ve listened to or heard of Hamilton: An American Musical, than you might recognize Leslie Odom Jr. (he plays as Aaron Burr in the original casting). Last year, Leslie released an album out full wonderful jazz songs and standards. One of my favorites is “Autumn Leaves.” You can check out his song and music video here on YouTube.

Feeling: Earlier this month, I wrote about depression and writing, and how they correlate for me. I am now feeling more positive about life and what is going on in my life. For example, I haven’t been able to return to school for the past two years because of health and financial issues. The more I work on finding hope, last month, reality shuts me down. I have to remain positive and hopeful that everything will work in its own timing and everything will fall into place as it is supposed to. All I have to do is continue to work towards my goals and dreams, and it will all be okay in the end.


Thank you for reading today’s monthly insight, and for also staying positive with me! Postivity really does reshape how you view the world.




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