Write Here, Write Now.

The backspace button is not an option for the next month and a half, as I prepare for my favorite and least favorite month of the year- National Novel Writing Month. AKA NaNoWriMo.

I’ve read different arguments on why writers should or shouldn’t participate in NaNoWriMo. Over the past two years, Novel Writing Month has been a must for me. Its been a way for me (last year, for example) to reset my writing habits and learn where I make mistakes. Typically, I do not start the prep work for the writing I plan (not hope, plan) to accomplish in November until the last fifteen days of October. This year, I have decided to draw out the prep process and not cram it all in the last fifteen days of October.

During November, writers everywhere try to cram write whenever, and wherever they can. So where are some of the best places that I have found to write? Literally anywhere.

Personally, I have learned that my office can be a creative place, but I have to have a clean desk, and all my to-do lists and such have to be tucked away, so I don’t get distracted when I run out of words to write. For the most part, I write at home. Other times, I enjoy writing at the public library, because free resources and free WiFi is a beautiful thing. The library I go to, has open space and windows everywhere. 

One place that I am able to write only during part of the year, is outdoors. I try to spend at least an hour outside each day (or every other day). Writing at a park or in my backyard is fun until about late October. Writing outdoors at restaurants and coffee shops is also fun, because then I an take my surroundings and use it within my writings.

The other day, I was writing at the car repair shop. I had a tiny Composition Book with me and a pen. It was nice to jot down ideas where I can there and while I was waiting in line at the grocery store an hour later. 

I have also noticed that when I am driving to and from work, I typically have ideas for novels and stories I am working on come to me during that 10-20 minute drive. I usually take that small composition notebook and write down the ideas I had, once I’ve arrived at my destination.

During November (or any time for that matter), taking advantage of downtime that we usually just check social media on our phone, or do other mindless things, can help capitalizing on wasted time. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick blurb on different times and areas you can write. Where do you prefer writing? Thank you for reading my blog today, and feel free to subscribe. 


3 thoughts on “Write Here, Write Now.”

      1. I got it last December, and have used it here and there since then. It can take a bit to learn some of the short cuts. For example, I’m used to hitting “home” to go to the beginning of the current line, but that will take you to the beginning of the file. Some of the shortcuts are on the bottom of the keyboard, but not all of them. I had to look up a manual (got it used, since they don’t make them anymore, so it didn’t come with a manual).

        Also, with the Neo at least, when you’re ready to put the file onto your computer, be ready to do it when you don’t need your computer for a few minutes. It basically types your words into whatever your active screen is (presumably a word processing program). It goes through the words pretty fast, but it still has to go through all of the file, which can take a few minutes if you’ve written a lot.

        I don’t know how much of this is specific to the Neo, because I didn’t look far into many of their other products. But overall, the Neo fit everything I needed so perfectly, and I think it will really affect my writing next month.

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