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Hello! Welcome to my third month installment of the taking inventory series, where I write a blog (usually at the beginning of the month) and make note of how my life is. Imagine how different my life, or even yours will be in a few months from now, or even next year? I’ll be excited to read this a year from now, and see how much has changed. Always feel free to follow me here on WordPress, and thank you in advance for reading.

Part of this was written this morning, and the other part is being written while I sit outside out by the lake. On my days off, I enjoy going out by the lake and writing. It helps with my mental health, because its nice just to relax and breathe in the air around us. 🙂

Making: Soup season is a thing right? My personal favorite soup is broccoli cheddar-cheese soup followed up by tomato basil soup. I like adding melted cheese to my tomato soup. I also, really like cheese.

Drinking: I am almost finished all the tea from my pantry, but the last time I had coffee, was on the first (because NaNoWriMo started, and it was my off day). I most likely will have coffee tomorrow as well, so my drinking habits haven’t changed. When November ends, I’ll be bringing out the celebratory drinks!

Watching: NaNoWriMo and work saps out any TV time I do have, so actually I haven’t been watching any sports or TV lately. I’m actually fine with not watching a lot of TV. Speaking of sports, the University of Oklahoma Sooners (where I go to school) beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys last night at OSU, aka Bedlam. I got to watch the fourth quarter, which was a nice break from just getting home from work, and before I started writing.

Reading: This is my I don’t read hardly anything at all month. It’s simple to figure out why, but by yesterday I was like “so can I read now?” I actually like reading deprivation, because it lets you get back to your creative self. If I am reading anything, its week four of The Artist’s Way.  I double up my weeks, but its a slow progress for me.

Loving: Its been really difficult for me to find something to love at the moment. I am currently trying to get over a cold, so I may not be loving anyone or anything in particular, but I am grateful for life. So for now, I will count that towards the love category. Being grateful is showing love as well.

Book Marking: Any writing tips I come across for when I get stuck before Black Friday. I will be working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so I’m trying to write as much as I can now so I don’t freak out later.

Enjoying: The time change! Today is daylight savings time, and I’d rather wake up on time with the sun coming up, then not. I have been trying to start writing in the morning before I go to work the past few days, but without the Sun’s energy waking me up the past few days, that’s been nearly impossible. I know it sounds weird, but for those of us who are morning people (or a partial morning person like me) the Sun makes a difference.

Smelling: I still haven’t had any PSL (yay, go me!) so any candles that smell like autumn leaves, fall, pumpkins, etc. is what is the best. I still am trying to use up the rest of my Bath and Body works Fall perfume. We are halfway through it, and then I can go to Lush Cosmetics and by new perfumes and soap. Note to self: I need to go to Lush and buy me some soap…

Listening: For whatever reason, the creativity boost playlist on Spotify is the best. While I haven’t been able to switch up my playlist much, Hummed Low by Odessa is the one song that I haven’t been able to get out of my head this past week. YouTube link to the song is here!

Feeling: I have mixed feelings about the holiday season. My family doesn’t do anything for Thanksgiving anymore. Everyone does there own thing, because everyone was getting tired of just going to the same house every year. That’s because they had a large enough house to host everyone at). Now since most of my generation of family members have their own families, I don’t ever get invited to anything, because I don’t ever get to stay in contact with distant relatives because I’m either working or at school.

I’m 24, and I won’t be sharing meals with anyone. I hardly ever get to sit down and share meals with my Grandmother, who is actually getting ready to move out of the country this next year. I haven’t had a traditional Thanksgiving in over three years. It wasn’t until earlier last week that I realized man, I wish I didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving and could actually have a Thanksgiving. You might be asking “wait, why is she having to work on Thanksgiving?” Thanksgiving sign-up to work was volunteer basis, and because I knew my family wasn’t going to be doing anything, I signed myself up. I also signed myself up so that if one of my co-workers did have a family event that they did on Thanksgiving, then they could enjoy time with family. Self-less caring, if you will.

On the plus side, as a vegetarian, its been nice not having to worry about Thanksgiving anymore. Because me and my sister are the only vegetarians in our family, Thanksgiving both gave us anxiety because of the way our family would judge what we didn’t eat.

The past three years, the holidays have become a more depressing time for me, because of how my family has never really celebrated the holidays, and I enjoy the holidays enough that I want to celebrate it with family members. December is a little bit happier, because that’s the holiday season that my family is more into than Thanksgiving.

In short, if your family celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the time you have with your family, no matter how distant. Time with family is important.

Thank you for reading today’s entry, and as always feel free to follow me on Twitter (@DanielleSully19) and on here on my blog as well.

Autumn Leaves,


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