Becoming a Vegetarian

Header photo credit to Laurie Sites. She wrote some tips about being a vegetarian.

Growing up on a ranch in Texas, I was always around cattle. Part of my chores was feeding them and my family would eventually send them of to be butchered. I knew that was a part of a cow’s life span. It didn’t entirely bother me much at first, until a cow licked my hand one day when I was eighteen. Y’all, this cow likes me and he’s super friendly. This poor cow.

My issues was this: I grew up loving bacon. I could care less about steak, hamburgers, etc. The reason why is because red meats upset my stomach and would make me deathly sick for two to three days at a time. That was my only reason for becoming a vegetarian in the first place, was for my health.

In 2016, I realized that my other reason for becoming a vegetarian was because of the environmental impact of the meat industry. Here’s a link to a 2013 Article about the environmental impact of meat production. –2013 Time Article

So I started the process from eliminating red meats before the summer of 2015. What helped me was Meatless Mondays. The idea was (of course) found on Pinterest, where every Monday you would go an entire day without eating meat. This means you have to plan an entire days worth of meals that day that includes enough proper nutrition. If you go out to eat with friends or alone on a Monday (and you participate in Meatless Mondays) you have to scan the menus a little longer to find a Vegetarian option .

The other factor is peer pressure when you are going out to eat with your friends when you are the only one who is a vegetarian. That was something I felt for the first year or so, because I was just starting to become comfortable with not eating meat, but I eventually became comfortable with down turning certain restaurants because of the possible food choices.  

You might of heard of National Vegetarian Week  in the United States that occurs sometime during the month in May.  This is what put me to the test my first year on becoming a vegetarian and was a fantastic resource for vegetarian news and resources. International Vegetarian Week  is the first week of October and in 2016 I told people about it on social media and it was really awesome to hear the positive feedback from my friends who didn’t know about the week!

Sometimes, I still crave bacon. It’s about every couple of months, when life gets stressful. If I do feel like it, I’ll go have turkey bacon. But I haven’t had turkey bacon since December of last year. Usually, I eat chicken or fish once a week or every two weeks. I still haven’t learned how to cook tofu. Hopefully, will learn how to do so within the next couple of weeks!

It takes perseverance, in short, to be able to kick aside old habits to the curb. For the past three years I’ve been a vegetarian (who avoids red meat) and have had fun experimenting with cooking and with different cultural foods.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blurb. Do you have a vegetarian or vegan recipe you enjoy? Always feel free to comment, subscribe, and follow me on Twitter.



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