A couple of years ago I was in marching band, and while I was trying to stay healthy, I really wasn’t. College marching and the coursework took its toll on me and I had to leave the one thing I loved the most, which is music. For about every year I’ve done marching (six years total; 2008-2013), I’ve always had some sort of medical issue with heat exhaustion, dehydration, etc. What’s interesting to note is that by my third year of marching, it wasn’t because I was dehydrated but some other medical issue.

For the past two years, I’ve been going to the Doctors to figure out what exactly is causing all these issues. We have been able to eliminate different scenarios and we are now down to it being a heart issue. I hope to go see my Cardiologist by the end of this year, or beginning of next year, but money is always an issue. 

When marching band was removed from my life, I was devastated for quite sometime. Jealously over friends getting to march and not me, was a common feeling. I had to stop going to College Football games, and I LOVE College football. It wasn’t until I had a full year off (without any medical issues; 2014) that there was a reason why I had to give up something I loved. 
    And ever since then, I’ve been working my way back to the sports I love. 
For most of 2016 and first half of 2017, I was changing what I was eating. For the past year, I have switched to a “diet” (I dislike that word) without red meat. 2015 was the difficult year to switch away from red meats, but I conquered it in 2016 and this year. 

 It wasn’t until April of this year did I rejoin a gym. After moving so many times, I was glad to be a part of a gym again. It was difficult to get me to exercise without one. Surprisingly, I become more motivated the more I go to the gym then when I don’t. In May, I didn’t get to go to the gym as much and that took a major hit on the exercise workouts I was setting up. 

Morning workouts vs. Evening workouts

IMG_3343 (1)

Note: Watch these two YouTube videos pertaining to different opinions on working out in the mornings vs. the evenings.
 Barbell Brigade
Benefits of Running In the Morning

In April and May, I was working out in the evening. I loved the free WiFi at Planet Fitness (shout out to PF, and ALL the purple) and I would watch Doctor Who, WWE, Netflix, Boston Red Sox, etc. on my phone and ride a bike or even while running. That didn’t last long, because I did not feel focused when I was working out. The evening hours during Thursday thru Sunday aren’t as packed as they are Monday thru Wednesday. 
After a while, I had started putting off my workouts in the evenings to go hangout with friends, and that’s when I switched my workout to mornings.

So far, this has been going better than the evening workouts. On the days I work, I’ll get to the gym around 6 am and only be there for an hour. Talk about learning how to have everything prepared in the morning for work! On the days I don’t go to work, I either still get up and go, or I’ll get other errands done in the morning before I get the gym around 10 am. The only thing this has changed is my running. I can run better, personally, in the evening/afternoon than I can in the morning.
With my workouts now being in the morning, I’m at least working out three hours a week, three times a week. This doesn’t include any time I spend walking around work. On average, I get 7,000+ steps in a day at work!

The Power of Before & After Photos

Last year, I took this photo right outside Madison Square Garden in NYC. Earlier this month, I took a photo (slightly different pose) in the same shirt. Lots can change in a year!

I use to wear size 18/20 pants, and I am now down to a consistent 16! Shirts are still XL, because of how large my chest and shoulders are. Before, you couldn’t see any curves and I didn’t care. Now, curves are starting to appear! Yippeee! 
Taking before and after photos helps track your progress. Let’s be honest real quick: When we take photos, don’t a majority of us suck our tummy in? I stopped doing that in April, and I REALLY try to take natural looking photos before I begin my workout.

The weakest parts of my workouts is actually  doing Yoga and running. The goal this week is to jog a mile a day to get back on track with running! I use the Zombie Run App to get me to jog faster. While I’m running, I use the Charity Miles app to log how many miles I run. For each mile, a ten cent donation is made to which ever Charity you were logging in your miles for. How cool is that!

#WinnersDontWait has become my favorite phrase to use when approaching the positivity of life.  

Got a fitness goal? Don’t Wait. Got a writing project to finish? Don’t Wait. 

 Working out alone vs. With Friends

The only times I’ve ever worked out with someone is in when I was in college and even when I was in Marching Band. Working out with friends is really fun, but a majority of the time, I workout alone because of the time I go workout. 6 AM scares a lot of people. I’ve also noticed that when I do workout, I tend to block people out, and get into my own rhythm. Once, me and my Grandmother went to the gym together years ago. I would spend twenty minutes in each area of the gym, working at a much smoother pace. My Grandmother, on the other hand, spent the entire time on the treadmill. She did not like my workout style, and since then, she works out on her own. Plus, she prefers evening workouts over morning. Now, the chances of someone working out with me ever is so slim that I just go alone. Whichever you prefer, is always up to you!
Also, I like listening to music and podcasts when I do go workout, and I always feel bad when the person I’m working out with wants to chat. 

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts? Working out alone, or with friends? Let me know in the comment section or via Social Media!


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