Shift Society Magazine: Women empowerment.

Earlier this month, I wrote an article submission to this quarterly magazine. Even if my article is published, I still love this magazine.

I actually found out via social media about this new magazine. While I still have not picked up the Winter issue yet, I plan on it when I have income rolling in.

What is Shift Society Magazine? Shift Society Magazine is a millennial lifestyle, entrepreneurship,  and stories. All of this, written BY women. 

In a world where not everything is welcomed by the influence of women, it is nice to read stories and get motivated to empower being a woman, no matter size, ethnicity, or background. 

The article I submitted, which would correlate with the Spring issue, is about the subject that matters most to me: Eco-Friendly living, and Gardening. I have actually always wanted to write for a magazine that I can 100% support, and this is one way to get my foot into the door.

Want to get your copy? Check out Shift Society’s website here!

You can follow SSM on Social Media too:

Twitter: SSM’s Twitter

Instagram: SSM’s Instagram

Also- Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are single, and for those who are in a relationship. I’m in one of those “It’s Complicated” Situations, where I’m just going to assume that I’m single. The easiest way to explain this, is that I’ve been “ghosted.” I never knew that term existed until talking with other women (and men).

Cheers- as always,


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