February Gardening Tips


I won’t be doing any gardening at my current residence, because I’ll be moving into an apartment complex soon. This means I won’t have as much room to garden, like I had planned in January. It actually works out in my favor, because I would like to take this gardening season easy.

Love my basil!

  1. Now is the time to start pulling weeds that have grown over since the end of the previous harvest. Oklahoma was at a high of  100 degrees today in the dead of winter!

  2. For tomatoes, basil, and peppers I would start planting them, and growing them indoors or in a nicely vented greenhouse. Start them in seed starters, and watch them grow! They should be ready to plant in the ground (or into a pot) near the end of March.

  3. The winter frost does not leave until March 28th in my area (or April 7th at the earliest). Wait to plant anything in the ground until AFTER the frost.

  4. Continue stocking up on soil, manure, etc. It’ll help when the busier months of gardening come along.

My sweet basil in my kitchen is growing well. I planted it back in November, and even though it’s facing the south- it’s still growing!

Also, I plan on growing some flowers when I move. I have plenty of containers and such to grow everything, I just need soil. Don’t forget to reference your Farmers’ Almanac for when the best day to plant is, based in your time zone.

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