Before & After

Yesterday was the first day I had put on make-up in over two weeks.

Honestly, I have never truly cared about Make-up. The industry itself is what shunned me away at a young age. Self confidence issues alone, I realized I could never BE as pretty as the women in the commercials for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until I got to college, where I found that make-up can be a good thing.

Can we go back to high school for a second? I do recall wearing make-up like once or twice, but I don’t think I ever put it on myself, because I never cared too. Honestly, why spend so much time prepping to only go to school for eight hours? That was my logic then. Plus, I was in band and you better believe the lipstick (the only thing I cared for) would smear once I spent my hours in the band hall. 

Anyways, there were a few times during high school (which was like five years ago) that people would chastise me for not wearing make-up. When actually, I was already confident enough NOT to wear it. For my Senior Prom, that’s where my Mom went to town and put pounds of make-up on. It didn’t matter, because it didn’t stay. As in, I sweated it off in a friends car on the way to pictures. I didn’t care; my Mother threw a fit. My hair was a mess that we just spent too much money on getting it curled out of town. Seriously, its not worth it. 

It wasn’t until the Spring of 2013, after becoming a part of Greek Life, did I start wearing make-up. I didn’t have a lot of money, nor did my family and because of that, I used my Mother’s outdated make-up that really didn’t fit my face. I didn’t care either, I was actually wearing make-up once every two weeks.

So where did my confidence go up? It was during those days where I didn’t wear make-up, because it was back to being confident in my own skin. Now, at times, I have not been comfortable with the clothing I own or my body image, but that’s another subject.

One time, me and four girls were getting ready for Greek stuff and I had the largest bathrooms, and I watched them get ready for over an hour and a half. They completely did a hair makeover, and by the end of that time period, had the best make-up I had seen. Me, on the other hand, was still struggling with mascara. And had no clue that my eyebrows needed to be done.

That’s where I realized I did not, nor would I, ever enjoy make-up as much as everyone else. The factors that lead to that decision:

  1. The TIME it took just to look good. Honestly, I’d rather be playing video games or reading a book with that forty- five minutes it takes to get the complete look done.
  2. I live in the Southwest, and during the Summer, you BETTER believe it’ll all sweat off in a hour or two.
  3.  Eco- Friendly is SUCH a huge deal to me. My opinions of the make-up industry changed when a friend of mine showed me Lush Cosmetics last summer. I am using what I have and then never buying those harmful products that other companies produce.

   Now, it was around 2013 that my family introduced me to Mary Kay. They stocked me up on make-up, and I was finally starting to learn how to do things that I was still being harassed for not knowing how to do. I STILL have Mary Kay products, for example, botanical affects wash set, which is great. I’m down to my last mascara thing from them, and I can’t wait to go full on Lush when I get the chance.

When I actually do where make-up, I keep the look simple. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Natural colors are the best for me. Sometimes, I’ll use my purple or dark blue, but mainly I just use the natural light browns for eye shadow.

The other thing about doing my make-up, is that I wear glasses. It actually changes everything about my complexion. I always look better with glasses anyways.

The reason I don’t smile in these photos, is because I just want to see what I look like, with how I am. When you add in smiling, it changes how the face looks, if you will. Smiling, along with laughing, is a good therapy.

My checks are naturally red, and I deal with it. For awhile, I hated it so much. Now, I embrace it, and just take care of my face (and body) as naturally as possible. Honestly, just read this article about the dangers of the Cosmetic industry.

So, when do I wear make-up? Usually at work, at job interviews, and whenever I feel like it. Definitely NOT on every date, but at least the first date.  I do wash my face every day, and I use the “Don’t Look At Me” Face Mask every two weeks. Here’s another before and after picture I took back in the Fall of how much I loved the product:



I had actually planned on doing this blog back in January, but I’m really glad I moved it to today. It’s 81 degrees outside, and I am in the process of finding a place to move. My hair hasn’t been died in over two years, and I think its time I actually get it done, in a more natural blonde. Or maybe a new color?

I still dislike eyeliner. That’s the one product I like never use. I screw up every tome.




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