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The best photo I took this year

The best moments come unexpectedly. And no, its not the header photo, which I found on Google!


This summer, I got to go to New York City, New York for a internship if you will. Spending thirteen days in the city, eleven days were actually spent working at the Julliard School of Music, under the International Trombone Festival. 

It had been the second time I had gotten to work with the ITF/ International Trombone Association, and as a Trombone player, it was always a sight to see over five- hundred trombonists fly in, drive in, or even take a bus into which ever University would host the four day festival.

One afternoon (after doing some set-up work before the first day) I was walking back from visiting the NYC Public Library by myself. No one wanted to go with me, since I was the only English major in the group of student workers. I had walked most of the way back to the dorms at Julliard before reaching Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. The fountain in the center of the Lincoln center was on full display around six P.M. on a late June evening, and as I was walking away from the American Ballet banner, I turned to see someone sitting on the edge of the fountain. 

My phone battery was low, and since I don’t own a fancy camera, I took the best black and white photo I could… via Snap-chat (I didn’t send it to anyone either). I could’ve done the non-journalistic and inhumane thing, and not told the person on the edge that I took this really cool photo at the right moment. Being slightly anti-social, I went over to that person, and tapped on the shoulder. 

She did not freak out! Come to figure out, she was here at Julliard for a summer class at Julliard as well, and if my memory serves he correctly, she’s from a small University in Tennessee. She was looking over a textbook; classic college student. I believe she was here for theater, but I can’t recall.

I texted her the photo, and she was glad that I took the photo, because she had not gotten any photos of herself being in the city.
“My parents would be so glad!” She said before I had sent her the text message. 

If only I had recalled her name, so I can thank her for allowing me to post it, which I did ask. *Because that’s the right thing to do*

Anyways, I did text her when I had returned to my dorm, and before my phone died. Photography was something I wanted to improve on this year, and I’d say that I did just that, with this one photo. This picture is still the original, and I like it as is. I could edit it next year, to remove my shadow or make it darker, and have the water appear more. 
But from a iPhone and from snap chat (even funnier to me) I’d say that’s pretty solid. Now, I’d like to get an actual professional camera in 2017. ^.^

Oh, and to become copyright certified! 

Drum roll please….



Danielle Sullivan Photography ;2016


Thank you for reading, and have a good week (or weekend)!



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