Clean & Organized Home = Happy Home.

Friends and family are on there way to visit my house this weekend, and the end of the year is approaching. Charlotte, my cat, does not like the vacuum cleaner. She use to run around the house (when she wouldn’t want to go outside) but now she sits on the Kitchen counter while I clean the living room.

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And, if you know me, then cleaning is a must do. There’s times when I just despises cleaning, especially when I’m sick. Thanks to the internet and to Pinterest, I’ve been able to get great organizational skills built, and cleaning skills acquired.

If you haven’t seen this YouTube video, check it out here. It’ll make you laugh, at least once.

Now, I am someone who is starting to “de-tox” my house, if you will. I reduce, reuse, recycle like crazy. In a previous blog, I wrote about living Eco- friendly.
  My house I’m currently living in is my Grandmother’s, and its just me. I would consider this house a medium sized home, because its a two bedroom and one and a half bath. The backyard is bigger than the house, which is always fun to play in with my three gardening plots and compost plot in the Spring.

With living in a smaller sized home, requires me to think about what I have, and don’t have consciously all the time. About two years ago, I use to own two closets full of clothing, and that was just Summer clothes. Do I need that much clothing, when I only wear about a third of what I owned then? No. And I’ve begun living as simple as possible since then.

I am about a third of the way through the chemicals that were in my household,  like the shower cleaner I just found stored not where its supposed to be! I use it about I re-use the empty spray bottles from store bought cleaners, to keep my Eco-Friendly cleaners stored.  From my Pinterest, this link is where I found the image below.


Currently, the Dusting spray and all purpose cleaner is what I’ve used. You can also use a can of Coca Cola to clean your toilet by just pouring it into the toilet, and letting it sit. I also don’t drink sodas anymore, so it’s fun just to watch it do its cleaning! 

Personally, I clean a little bit every other day, or about once every two weeks. Cleaning for me, is perfect for procrastination on other projects. Yayyyy


Staying Organized

I use to loose pens, tacks, paper, etc. all the time. When I was younger, I would “borrow” these items form my Grandfather’s desk, but then I would always loose it. Every Christmas, my stocking would be full with school supplies. Yet, I would loose them all around April. So when I went to College back in 2012 (I’ve been out for two years due to finances & health), I started organizing everything. 

Something I do for my closet, like in the photos below, works well for the South West regions of the United States. Every six months, if there are any clothes on hangers that are not facing the wall, then I will donate those to a thrift store. I just restarted it for the upcoming New Year, so we’ll see what I end up donating at the end of June. This keeps me from owning too much, and also by wearing what I own.
 And, I categorize my shirts by use, too. So I’ve got all my WWE shirts together, all my University of Oklahoma shirts together, non profit shirts together, etc. That’s all on one side. On the other side of my closet, is my scarfs, pants, and skirts. 


Notice all the empty hangers. I typically have a few more summer pieces, but some of those hangers are extras from when I use to own so much.

I am now doing this with my jewelry,too. I have a necklace hanger that you can’t see, but what I have worn goes on my door knobs. What I haven’t, goes to the thrift store. Talk about unique outfits!

 I also hardly shop for clothes anymore either. The only time I go get clothes is when my black slacks or black shirt start to not fit after being washed in cold water so many times. Or, like the last two pairs of black slacks I had to purchase, it’s because I’m slowly (slowlllyy) loosing weight.

I haven’t had to buy any paper since 2012. Any pens or pencils since 2015. If you look, even my bookshelf is organized! My bookshelf, where the books I own are few, also is where most of my sticky notes are stored. I also haven’t had to buy sticky notes since 2014. 


Speaking of Sticky Notes, consider using Google’s version of sticky notes: Google Keep.  It has become my friend the last few months of this year. I prefer it over Evernote, because its like actual digital sticky notes! And since I own a Google Chromebook, it works well with my laptop. 

On the way to the library today, I counted only 15 homes who had recycle bins out (out of 27). What would it take to get seven more families to reduce, reuse, recycle? 

Thank you to those who have followed me via NaNoWriMo Hop! In January, I’ll start editing my novels, so until then, I’ll keep blogging, working, and such! 

I have decided to put my wrestling content on this sub page of mine, so those who enjoy World Wrestling Entertainment, can follow me there! Wrestling Content here!

I am also bringing back my YouTube channel! Be on the look out for a recent review of my first try at a solid bar of Lush Conditioner. Danielle’s YouTube Channel

Other than that, I think that’s all I have. Cheers! 

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