2016 NaNoWriMo Victory and Statistics

This one’s going to be brief, but let’s “talk” about the month that was November 2016.

In November this year, I started a new job. I had been unemployed for about two months, so I’m really thankful for the income rolling in. My cat, whom I’ve now named “Charlotte” needs to be taken to the vet, but I don’t have the money just yet to take her. I traveled two hours north to a small town in Oklahoma for a large family gathering (that wasn’t my family that I was invited to) for Thanksgiving Day, and that delayed my writing even more. I had to help my Grandmother with Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving Day and the day after, but I still kept writing. Even when depression and anxiety set in, I some how had adrenaline kick in around the last two weeks.  

I found really odd ways to continue writing…

Here are the Stats:

Tilt (2016 Novel)- 17,588 

Blog articles- 7, 052

Little Did They Know (2015 Novel)- 1, 970

Notes (2015 & 2016)-764

Short Stories- 2,956 

Pen Pals & Holiday Cards- 10,000 

Tilt Planning (that I had to re-do during November)- 12,002

TOTAL: 52, 004 words 

I hand counted every word written in the Pen Pal and Holiday Card category (I’ve sent out about 45 cards), and the planning category for my 2016 novel. Today, I returned my overdue book to the library even after checking it out three times! Had to pay a fine of $1.60, which I didn’t mind really. I plan on buying the book for future reference.

Imagine falling down these words, as if they were stairs? 


Now, as a TWO- TIME NaNoWriMo Champion, here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Sleep is important.

2. Meet ups are a great place to get writing done. I got to attend my first ever Night of Writing Dangerously event, and lasted till three A.M.

3.  I don’t have to eat thattt much candy in a month, or drink thattt much coffee. Tea and veggies are a good alternative. So is running!

4. GO HUFFLEPUFF! Twitter’s NaNo Word Sprint Account can help you compete for the NaNo House Cup, and even come up with some great content! The link to the account is here!

5. Keep writing. I got stuck on my 2016 novel. So, I kept writing with making 2015 novel edits, and writing some short stories, blogs, whatever  I could do to write.

6. And finally, don’t forget to continue writing, in the “What Now” months between now and the next National Novel Writing Month event. This is when I hope to write more for the 2016 novel, while also re-typing my 2015 novel. BACK-UP your novels on every platform possible. You wouldn’t want your computer to die, like mine did this summer.
Here’s a photo of me, in all my house glory at the beginning of November, at the first NaNo House Cup word Sprint! Those are white chocolate and dark chocolate coins, like Wizarding money!



Thank you for reading and cheers!



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