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Originally, I posted this on another blog I was test running for five dollars, but realized I had it made better here on WordPress. So, I moved the article over here for some good fun and reading for those who love to garden!

Good afternoon!
      Settling into my rental home, I am blessed with raised garden beds. I am helping out my family with taking over the “lease” and the mortgage of this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom house here in Oklahoma City. I plan on being here for two years, and then a family member can move back into this house. While we can also sell the house and have it fixed, there are many options for our family.
     This is the same house I learned how to garden in two years ago. Me and my family member would plant seeds, pull weeds, and fix the old greenhouse. While most of the work I did was in the Spring and the Summertime, now I am beginning to learn how to prepare a harvest for the Spring- in the Fall.
   Slowly but surely, I am working through the weed filled garden. It was left alone for the 2016, and we had some onions come up that the birds gladly took. The greenhouse has some small damage from the Oklahoma winds, and while its over ten years old, its not the best for doing any growing in the winter time.
    My greenhouse is mainly a gardeners storage shed during the Winter, and around early March, I can begin growing my seeds in the greenhouse. I use the little plastic seed starter pots currently, and then when they break after being used, I recycle it! My Grandmother was a gardener, and she no longer is able to garden, and I have all her tools, pots, and seeds. I am ready to go for the 2017 season!
   Two weeks ago, I bought the Old Farmers Almanac. This s a great tool to learn how to garden by the moon phases, as well as knowing when to water, harvest, or pull weeds. While the Old Farmers Almanac has weather predicting and astrology for 2017, its a great resource for everyday living. Aren’t sure what will be in season to plant? This book can help. You can order a copy online, or stop by your local grocery store or bookstore for a copy.
    This weekend and next week, I plan on to continue to work through my compost. Its been there for about ten years, but hasn’t been worked through in four years. If you look at the picture below, you can see where the grass and weeds have grown.
Compost Before.JPG

My family member did not know about throwing weeds into the compost, and has since learned not to.

When I first moved in three weeks ago, I mowed my yard, and pulled the weeds from my flower bed that was visible to the community. In this picture you can see all the weeds I pulled from that one flower bed.

Flower Bed.JPG

 The compost bed is at the far end of the backyard, and then I have three raised garden beds. The first one, below, I worked through the second week I moved in. I spent two hours on a nice September afternoon pulling up weeds and roots that I got permission to pull. I say “got permission” because I wanted to know what was grown there before, and if anything could be kept for the Spring. In the end, everything had already outgrown its life-cycle. Seeds had been planted for vegetables over seven years ago, and only baby onions were coming up. Which, the birds, cats, and squirrels had been digging up for meals.
Gardening Bed One.JPG

Speaking of squirrels, I found lots of acorns in the first bed. I wonder how many I’ll find in the other three?

More updates about my gardening adventures to come as the Fall season progresses! Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, or you can follow me on Twitter!
-@DanielleSully19 (Twiiter Handle)

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