Counting down to NaNoWriMo

What is the drawl to this month? Why am I participating again? What about the “What Now?” months. All these questions and more are getting tackled on a Monday afternoon.


I’ve known about National  Novel Writing Month since 2013. I never really participated until November 2015, and it took some motivation to do so. During high school and part of college, it was easy to find myself writing poems, plays, short stories, and novels at different points of the day. Essays became easier as time went on. As a musician, I could easily write to music, or write music, once a theme was created. Reading different styles of literature and dialogue convinced me to begin my degree in English-Writing, and even look into participating in Novembers hectic writing scheme.

The Basics:

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a moth of cleverly cramming in your personal life, work and/or school, and still working in time to bust out 50,000 words of complete and utter logic. Actually, sometimes logic can come hand in hand with creative, beautiful, or other words to describe a novel written well. Or, words to describe a novel that later gets to be edited.

If you can set  out time to write 1,667 words per day, you can reach the 50 K mark on the 30th. Remember Thanksgiving? Some writers put in extra words in per day so they can rest while hosting or visiting family.

You can write by hand, or type it (SAVING SAVES CHARACTERS LIVES) and there’s websites for word counters, or even Microsoft Office has a word counter.

Social Media friendly, its fun to interact with Twitter’s own @NaNoWordSprints , because the goal is to help you write/type as many words as possible with a theme you have, or a character development they provide. My personal favorite has been the Sprint for NaNo house cup! Go Hufflepuff!


This is my 2016 NaNoWriMo book cover, created via


I love it, especially after last year. While I am still in the same city and not in school currently, learning is what I love. Half-way through last years novel, realization set in.  Definitely going to dislike this after November ends. That’s because the editing portion comes in, and you can see ALL the plot holes. In theory, that made me a more prepared writer for this year.

My computer crashed this summer, and I had lost the USB with the 50,001 unfinished 2015 novel. No worries really, I had handwritten the first fifteen chapters, so I do plan on going back through and continuing the editing process; and adding my novel to another USB and to google documents.

2016’s novel is ideas I’ve had from Camp NaNoWriMo this year that I put aside for NaNoWriMo. Okay, quick summary: Camp NaNoWriMo is where all you do is write, or edit, and have fun. No word deadline, or anything. This is a good time to get editing done. Still, I have been slowly working out my novel idea over the year. I keep ping-ponging the  the idea of eco-friendly living into my book, because that’s what I am transitioning to.

Writing what you know is common. Very common.

Water, Coffee, Tea, Repeat.


When you live in a large enough city:

This is what really helped me on my first year, and how come I never really got started in the years 2013 and 2014. When you actually meet with Writers, and do meet-ups, it actually gets your creative thinking in motion. Also, it gave me an excuse to go to Panera Bread for no reason with a whole bunch of Writers! That’s when I became a a Panera Bread holder. I also benefit greatly from Starbucks Gold Membership and from visiting small business coffee shops for wifi, and a change of atmosphere.

The library, by the way, is a GREAT place for research, and to have write-in sessions with your ML’s! In September is when I begin to declutter my brain and generate ideas, and in October, slowly, I generate ideas. That’s when I should’ve done research last year. Now, I’m begging any background research I need for this years novel to save me precious writing time in November.

Also, after Halloween buy ALLL the candy! I stocked up on peppermints and candy from Halloween to help me snack during writing moments. I love to eat fruit too, so I also snacked on that. Just now actually, I snacked on a Chocolate Chip cookie from Starbucks. I love cookies, by the way. Totes a Hufflepuff.


Why you need to participate in the “What Now?” Months

This is the discouraging part for many people. For me, its the latter.  I would rather me edit my work and see my flaws and know where I should improve than go through and try to publish something, and then never know why it wasn’t published. That’s also why you should have friends, writers, and NaNo Writing Buddies read your work, from an outside perspective.

Editing is a crucial part to writing. I have found more creative moments, than ever. When one misspoken word meant this terrible phrase, I actually meant to be a more powerful phrase. If I could explain this is the terms of sports, I would.

Also, I make spelling and grammar mistakes when I get excited over what my brain is writing. My brain writes too fast for my fingers. SO, during the editing process, I get to go back, and think “where was I during this thinking process?” And most of the time, I remember all the coffee I had, or the tea that helped me reach that 50 K goal.

Here’s the other kicker: I strain away from hitting word goals after last year. My novel was just hitting the climax at 50,000 words. I realized I was building a slow build-up, and that I would rather have quality words over quality.

Another editing snip-bit: You maybe adding or subtracting from 50,000 words during your editing, but at least your adding quality to your work.


What am I working on in November?

  • Simple, story telling.
  • Diversity
  • Fantasy like story, so image Neverland if you will.
  • Motivating myself and others to keep on writing till the novels finished
  • Hopefully NOT losing any parts of the book this year; more of a comical relief than series. On a series note, I don’t want to lose another part of my writings again. It sucks.
  • Coneecting with fellow writers, and trying different teas & coffees (this is the other fun part).
    • December-April editing = glorious victory!

Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Go for it! Psst: I tweet about NaNoWriMo, and sports. And Gardening.  @DanielleSully19

And, even want to follow me on WordPress, you can! I have two other blogs, so I’ll be sharing this article on one of them, as well as writing some parts of the NaNoWriMo writings on my Professional Website, and maybe here too!

For all you NaNoWriMo returners, or new writers, you can add me on NaNoWriMo! My username is old, and I wish I could change it. Nonetheless, its danielleHMB.


Cheers, thank you for reading, and happy researching & writing!



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