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One Week till NaNoWriMo: What’s going on in my Prep world.

I didn’t start prep work truly until the 15th. I had ideas running through my head in September and October, and really began to hustle out the notes for the past two weeks. 

Its been fun, actually. This time, I am focusing less om the story line to research, and more on setting and the science behind my novel. As someone who likes to create things, for me to be able to visually create the images I’ve downloaded below, is what’s helping me do the prep work for this monster of a Novel. The story can easily be written in November.

Trying to make sure that I can create my characters, I’ve already created outfits for my main character, Hazel. I spent three hours researching her name, in fact. Twas a picky process picking the name, because I wanted it to mean something. Hazel, translates to different important things in the end. Hazel, is a color. Hazel, like a Hazelnut tree. Or, the main meaning I was aiming for, Commander.  I also, didn’t want the main character to be a blonde, like myself. Race is not an issue in this book, whatsoever.


Tip: I used doll divine’s website to create Hazel. This, is her Royal outfit, just FYI.

Note: I have yet to create the main male character, William, because of how difficult character creations can be. Fun, fun.

Because there’s a planet different from Earth, Hazel gets to be on the planet, which is the one pictured in the featured image. I just finished creating the planet before writing this, and even after the website crashed *multiple times* I got it to look close to what my mind liked. I will also have two red suns in this universe, because my planet lives in a double cluster. I googled planet generator, and used the first one, by the way.

No really, we will live in the double cluster that you can see between Cassiopeia and Perseus in the Autumn Sky. I used the Sky View App outside on Sunday, and got this picture of where the cluster is. See those two light blue stars, right above the focal point of my camera? Right there is where I am, where my novel is.


So, if you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy,Astronomy, Astrology, Superstitions, Animals, Human Error, and all sorts of adventures? Yep- that’s my book!

And, then back in early October, I generated my island, before i knew I was going to have a planet! I can’t find that picture, so I could re-do the island. 😉

I still have lots of research to continue Right now, I am looking up information about constellations, and information about how up-to-date in the future I was this to be. I know I do want the actual planet on its 100th or 1000th war. I haven’t picked which yet.

Okay, the easy part was the album cover for me! I used canvas website, but this was just simple to design.


I also have two journals for NaNo this year, both named “TILT.” USB’s and google drive folders are named “NaNoWriMo 2016/TILT.” I am still filling them both up, as they are resource journals. One right now has information about Stars in it, the other is more focused on the characters and eventual story line. I have two pages that are filled with sticky notes attached to them, and they are all story lines, dialogue, or ideas to keep in mind. I then will transfer them to paper in the journal when I get the time.


Thank you guys for reading, and I hope everyone is as excited for NaNoWriMo this year. And, manages to keep that excitement level the entire month!

Back to prepping,


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