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Book Review: First James Patterson Book

Oh the joys of finally reaching the middle of the work week! This past weekend, I finally finished reading a book I checked out over a month ago (via the library) and I’m glad that I was able to brace myself for the ending. Every few weeks, I enjoy writing book blurbs and reviews. 

Let’s dive into this political novel!

Why hadn’t I read any other James Patterson books before?

Let’s address this question first: even with James Patterson’s success with children’s literature, I have never read any of his books. When I’ve told fellow readers about this conundrum, I was told that “all his books are the same.” So earlier this summer, I vowed that I would read one James Patterson book this year.

In June, I saw an advertisement for a newly released book with a famous co-author. Bill Clinton. As someone who enjoyed the West Wing until I cried, I love political books, dramas, you name it. So in August, I was finally able to check out The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

When I saw the book, I wasn’t surprised that the book was over 500 pages. It’s not the largest book I’ve read- that credit goes to House of Leaves. What I found interesting, was that chapters were in small segments, as if written for TV scripts. The first one hundred pages were easily readable, especially on the first night I had the book with me.

While I did return to University, reading time has become sparse. That’s my pro and con with this story: you can easily read it, yet not feel too motivated to read it. I didn’t become personally invested until four hundred pages in, when the plot developed into a different arch than I was expecting.

Where Bill Clinton writes in 

This one questioned me when I first saw the advertisement. What part was Bill Clinton contributing? With Presidential insight on political and government operations, it was easy to see where Bill was able to help with that lingo and culture. And to that, I say bravo. This is also a interesting co-author combination which drew me in as a reader. Again, bravo.

This book also was published at the perfect political timing. What would happen if the entire United States lost power and all electrical source, thanks to a virus in the Pentagon? How would the United States be able to rebuild the Internet and in the same time frame, rebuild a chaotic nation? 

As having just finished the book this past weekend, the last one hundred pages are the best slow, yet steady plot development I’ve read in sometime. While it could be argued that it was rushed, it wasn’t (in context of the story). If you’ve got an entire Saturday to figure out how to disassemble an internal virus, how would you ensure that the country is still operating when the virus hits. 

As in each book review I post, I leave a lot of plot and character development out of the post. The idea behind that, is to let you read the story for yourself. Not to spoil the book per se, I just enjoy reviewing the reading experience and key emotions felt about the story and various questions I have.

Last minute remarks:

Would I read another James Patterson book? Most likely, but due to the length of some of his books  I might wait to read the next books until the summer.

Should the book be a movie? This is one of those few times where my gut reaction is hell yes. To me, it makes more sense for this to be a movie. It’s dramatic and thrilling in a give and take way. Imagine the intrigue, especially with all the political nonsense going on in today’s world?

Thriller and mystery novels aren’t the best for me to read. I have a tendency to look past clues and dialogue said, that reveals motives and the like. Parts of this story felt like I was missing lots of puzzle pieces that were right in front of me. For example, I’m still lost how certain people ended up being found guilty? I missed a clue but that’s okay.

What’s my biggest con about this book? 500 pages. Felt that certain parts could’ve been shortened, but that would’ve meant that a lot of character development wouldn’t have been discovered. Or maybe the first few pages, with the President preparing for possible impeachment.

Would I buy this book to own? Shockingly, yes. I’d also let my Mom borrow this book, because she might enjoy it. 

My question for you today is what James Patterson books have you read and fully enjoyed? Let me know in the comment section (somewhere at the end of this blog) and I wish you all the best!

Happy Reading,

2 thoughts on “Book Review: First James Patterson Book”

  1. This was also my first Patterson book! And while I was surprised to find I liked it, I kept thinking about the movie version of it as well (which quite frankly I’d probably prefer given the length of the book). Nice review!


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