Believing in Humanity

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! This is another short blurb about some of the nice people I have met over the years and the small impact they have had on my life. I am starting to write lifestyle articles, so if you would enjoy to follow my blog, feel free to here on WordPress or via email alerts.

It seems that about once or twice a year, I meet a stranger who sheds light on my life. There’s two examples I can think of: one happening last March and the other one happening this March.

Last year, I was at Starbucks on a late Friday evening. Ironically, I was writing a blog post for this blog. The older gentlemen, just pulled into the lounge chair over where I was at. He had just bought the New York Times and his coffee was in the process of being brewed. I gave him a nod since he had his Veterans cap on. He greeted me, asking how my evening was doing. I responded with a resounding “its going well, actually.” When he opened up the newspaper, he started to shake his head at the news he was reading. He commented to me about the state of foreign affairs, which prompted our conversation about politics, military movements, and even about where he’s gone during his time of service. 

Two hours later, I had learned a lot about Vatican events that is held from public knowledge; book recommendations to improve my own psychology and religious beliefs; how everything relates to the bible, the god of Mars, etc. While I am used to older adults providing information, part of me during that visit wanted to get back to writing- the other part was about me staying in the moment with the conversation. These are still things that I am improving on daily. 

I did see this same guy at the same Starbucks a few months back, and while I could’ve chatted with him again about what we discussed, I realized that even a year later, I never got to read the books he recommended. I actually still have them on a digital sticky note, so eventually  I would like to pursue those books.

The header picture, is from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

Then, this past March a loyal customer (67 year old lady, who is a school teacher) to one of my jobs, where I am a cashier, commented that I was looking slimmer. She then gave me her number, and told me that she has professional clothes for me to try on. And this past week, we met for Red Lobster and I went to her house to try on said clothes.

She paid for my Red Lobster meal ($15), and then gave me over thirty different clothes and two pairs of shoes. Just this week, she called me to offer me a few hours a week to help her go through her house, and clean it/store things. I accepted this help, and then she told me she would pay me for my work. I was quite humbled with this, and had a difficult time figuring out how to respond. In the end, I said thank you. It’ll only be for about 3-5 hours a week, which works well with my sixty hour work week schedule.

These are only two examples of positive strangers I have run into within the pat two years. I always try to live up to my own set of morals- respect, compassion, and faith.


Do you have any stories to share, of strangers impacting your life, in a meaningful way? Let me and fellow readers know in the comment section. Wishing you the best this week! 

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