What I Learned While Living Alone

Good afternoon! I hope your day is going as well as mine is. 
If you follow my blog, you’ll notice I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Over the past two months, I’ve been helping my Grandmother move back into our little house. Which means lots and LOTS of boxes. 

I had thought of this blog post idea when I was told that my Grandma would be moving back in with me, after her internship had ended after a year and a half working in a small town.  How is it that Grandma moved in with me, not the other way around?

So when I moved back to the City in September, my Grandmother was about to put her house on the market. Knowing that it wasn’t the best time to put it on the market, and I didn’t have any money saved up, I stayed in her house. It wasn’t entirely rent free, either.

Now, when I moved into the house this past Fall, it was quite empty. I had enough items as it was, so I never worried about filling the house with items.

A few blog posts ago, I posted about what gardening I do around the house, and yard work. Keeping the house inside and outside was how I could earn my keep, and when it was put on the market this February (and now back off) the yard was pretty to go picnic outside in, and etc.

In April, when my Grandmother knew she would have to move back to the City, she took the house off the market, and has now moved back in. The house is a good size for two (currently, it feels cramped). We will be doing a garage sale to get rid of a lot of items that my Grandmother no longer needs. She had lived in larger houses, so there’s a lot of furniture that will be sold. Thank goodness. 

Hence why the backstory was needed to explain why I hadn’t been writing much. And, to write about what I’ve learned about living alone for a year:

      Note: This was not my first time living alone, but this is a list of what I’ve learned the first and now second time.

firepit GIF

  1. You’ll enjoy the peace & quiet

    Honestly, this is possibly the most underrated part of living alone. I know its quite easy to find a roommate you know or don’t know, but living alone allows you a lot of freedom and not having to worry about things like “did he lock the door?” “WHHY is there food left on the counter for my cat? I knew it wasn’t me who did it!” Yeah, you know, That stuff that happened in College.


  2. Frugal living becomes your BFF

     It’s so easssyy to go out to eat with friends, or order Pizza. For me, it’s easier to do meal prepping alone and knowing what I’ll have for dinner. Now, I’ve had some roommates who didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t eat red meat, so they would have dinner by themselves. That’s fine, I’ll eat all the rice you forgot we had.  
    Got rent, or car insurance coming up? Pay those instead of going out to eat three to five times a week. You’ll find that its easier to pay bills and manage your money alone, or at least I did.

    The Legend

  3. Speaking of BFF, thank your pet(s)

    When I arrived in the small house, I didn’t have a cat or dog, because I knew I would adopt again. –Story about my cat’s here– And I didn’t even have to adopt, a cat was walking around in my Garden, eating bugs and chasing mice! Thank goodness, because that’s something I’m terrible at. Anyways, I began to feed her, and she eventaully started sleeping in my room. I pretty much adopted her, even after checking around the City to see if she was owned. 

    I named her Charlotte. WOHOOO! (After the WWE superstar, Charlotte Flair; Ric Flair’s daughter).


  4. Cleaning happens when I want it to.
    I dislike doing dishes SO MUCH. I do dishes by hand, to not waste as much water. Still, I dislike doing it. Also, this goes with number 5…


  5. Eco-Friendly living is much easier with one person.
    My grandmother has paper towels everywhere. I also, dislike paper towels. I had started using little hand towels to clean up messes. When  we use up all the paper towels, I’m going to have to explain WHY I don’t want paper towels in the house. I already agreed to have them in use for now, but once they are gone, NO MORE. Also, recycling is easier too. Why? I get agitated when I see plastic in the trash can, when I know darn well it can be recycled. I plan on buying reusable coffee filters, but not until we use all the coffee filters we already have.

    Note: I took this picture back in October, and have since donated like 5 shirts, but I love the organizer-hanger thing. I have a tiny closet now compared to this master bedroom closet, so it was time to say goodbye to shirts I never wore.

  6. Owning less “STUFF” is actually really amazing.
    My Grandmother is use to having things lined up wall to wall with trinkets, decorations, etc. While I may have two small, but full bookshelf’s you better believe that I only keep the minimal amount of clothing. I use to own a lot of clothes, and at one point I was a little tooo addicted to shopping. I’ve kicked that to the curb in over a year, because I’d rather travel somewhere than own a lot of clothes. Decorating note: to preserve those awesome posters from your favorite concert or movie, please frame them up. That’s my renovation project I’m doing right now in my bedroom. 

    Now, I am also totally okay with buying furniture second hand or books second hand. I was able to get my dresser off the street for free, as well as a couch and love seat. It’s quite nice how much money I’ve saved! 
    Are you doing any Spring/Summer cleaning? What’s one thing you’ve learned about living alone? Let me and other readers know in the comment section below!

    Thank you for reading, and if this is your first time to my blog, don’t hesitate to follow me!

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