Spirituality Series: Why I’ve stopped attending Church.

It has nothing to do with faith, more to do with people.

A couple of weeks ago, my Grandmother asked me to go to Church. Now sure, I could’ve stayed home, but I was really interested in going out to eat afterwards and meeting some of my Grandmother’s friends.

Ever since High School, I had always attended Church in Texas. Most times, I would be performing or doing some part of interaction with youth groups. My Grandmother is a preacher here in Oklahoma, and she came to Oklahoma City to attend church events, and visit me.

Now, the first question she asked was when was the last time I went to Church. Two months ago in January. I had realized how “fed up” I was with attending Church. Most Sundays (when I don’t attend) I’m either at work, or working on my creative projects. Now since Spring is here, I’ve been working in my Garden and Flower Beds more often, too.

I’m not the best “Christian.” I never have been and may never be. For some, Church attendance is every part of being a believer. Not me. It is more about studying Scripture, and putting the practices from the Bible towards your lifestyle.

My problems with attending Church, is the people who are also attending Church with me? Is that sad? Yes!

It’s the ones who have been attending Church for decades and never have not applied Biblical lessons to life, or they only go because its like a “social power hour(s).” Or, for those who attend dressed to the nines, but never give back to charity, or volunteer. Why does this annoy me so much? 

Because people are humans and naturally, humans are naturally judgmental. Of what you wear, how good (or bad) you smell, and how well you can sing. Yes, the people at Church can judge you based on your family tree, or history with the Church you are attending!

I love visiting Churches and worship places. It’s always fun to see the stained window glass, the organ and everything that makes a Church, a Church. But shouldn’t lovable people, instead of judgmental people be sitting in the pews instead?

Meditation is something I am working on. Prayer is what I am best at; studying the Bible is the work trait, spiritually.

Not everyone is fake. Most Church going members I’ve worked with have the true intentions of being a Christian. Don’t let things like “What Congregation are you a part of?” “What’s your Church attendance?” drag you or your worship team down. Do technicalities like this truly matter? No! Then why do we ask?

Is going to Church now a generational ideal? Why don’t most teenagers and young adults attend church? Maybe most of us went every Sunday because our family made us, or our friends were there. Now when the choice is in our hands, we leave what we know to go do something else.

Palm Sunday is this Sunday, followed by Easter Sunday. This is where I avoid Church, at all costs. Everyone posts on social media with their cute dresses and family pictures, etc. Maybe they truly believe, who knows.

I plan on working in a Church Nursery soon, which is always a fun job. Before I start those hours on Sundays and Wednesdays, I wanted to post this because it really had struck a never within me a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading, and have a Blessed week!

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