Book review of “The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope, and Everything In-Between”

This book review is not done for profit on my end. This book review is done because I enjoy doing book reviews…

The header photo was waywardly taken at Starbucks, just FYI. I was asked last week how Elizabeth got away with having a similar title to the famous poem written by Robert Frost. She’s not the only one to use those words for a part of the title. And, as an odd opinion of mine, I think its fantastic to use references to previously written poetry and books in new material. It reminds the reader about those classics, even if its been a while since they’ve read them.

Originally, I was going to post this book review three days ago. While I was waiting on my interview on Monday, I started writing the review by hand, with the book by my side. Over the past few days, this book has gone so well with different aspects of my life, that I can use part of the books chapters as a reference. But before I talk about the book, let me talk about how Elizabeth Billingsley and I met.

While she was in the editing process, we met each other at a friends open house, near Oklahoma City. Just recently removed from the college scene (for health reasons),  I was in dire need for friends outside of the classroom. I was quite  and not wanting to talk to too many people when we met, because even that large house with twenty people was enough to cause a minor anxiety attack. Luckily, there was a outdoor yard and dogs to play with to help maneuver around my anxiety. 

Either before or after I went outside for fresh air, my friend/roommate introduced me to Elizabeth. He knew that we were both writers, and thought we wood be good friends. And as much as I detest stereotypes, he was in fact correct. We have met up a few times between Fall of 2015 and now, and have had great conversations. 


Where her book comes in

Elizabeth published her book in May of 2016 with Christian Faith Publishing CompanyI had relocated to Texas (until September) and had many opportunities to purchase her book. It wasn’t until I moved back to Oklahoma City, that I bought her book in December. Said friend had told me her book was just “okay” an d that irked me to no end. A book and its author is not  “okay.”  It was written for a purpose.

I ordered my copy of the book via Barnes and Nobles, using a coupon and my Barnes and Nobles membership. I got it the week of Christmas, and was reading this book and The Great Gatsby at the same time. Reading two books at once is the new trend for me. Usually, one is a novel and one is a self-help book, if you will.

The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between paperback, is only sixty-five pages long. It’s actually easy to just read through this entire book in a weekend, but I refrained from doing so, because of the topic Elizabeth’s book brings to the table.

I battle with Depression and Anxiety daily. While this book doesn’t directly talk about Depression and Anxiety directly, she does write about Borderline Personality Disorder (BBD), Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD. No, Elizabeth does not have any of these disorders. Her late husband did, and it wasn’t until after his suicide did pieces of his life come together. In fact, that is how this book came about, after his passing. 

For me, I would say this book is a great reference for a “before and after story”, if you will, of what it is like living with someone with a mental illness. Elizabeth brings situations to the forefront, and recalls some “red flags” that should’ve warned her about her Husbands problems. 

Now, not everyone is religious, and I get it. I would like to point out that Elizabeth shows how, in the end, God was with her and with her Husband, everyday. When we met up in December to talk about her book (I was only halfway through at that point), we talked about her chapters on God and some people’s responses to those chapters. Depending on your background in religious faith, will depend on your response. For me, I loved what message she sent, but not everyone feels that way.

By the way, I am referring to Chapter six and Chapter seven.

 I got the book December 22nd, and finished it just before New Year’s Eve. If you at least read it in small sections, it allows you to reflect on your own beliefs and other topics mentioned in her book.

I am glad I read her book. Right now, I am in a relationship with a veteran who is dealing with PTSD. I told him that he should read this book, and that we should have a discussion after he reads it. He served in the military for fourteen years. And, one of the first questions I asked, was about his mental health. Not to make fun of him, not to send him to a mental health facility. I wanted to know what we could do, as friends, to help his situation. I love his idea behind “mind over matter” and I have used it from day one.  

This book traverses the conversation of relationships, mental health, and personal relationships with each other (and God). Elizabeth has FIVE copies available for $10! Contact Elizabeth via Facebook on her author page to snag this beautiful deal! You can purchase her book via:

Barnes and Noble

Amazon: Kindle ONLY

Amazon: Paperback ONLY

I don’t do star ratings on here, because everyone’s view of what “a star” equals is different. But for me, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I am even considering finding a way to use this book as a Bible Study reference. 

Here’s where you can follow Elizabeth on her journey as a author and blogger:

Facebook-give her a like! Those likes go a long way, too!
Twitter-My 2nd favorite way to keep up with writers.
Her blog/website-my favorite way to keep up with Authors.

Don’t forget to contact Elizabeth via her Facebook page to get one of her FIVE copies available for $10! That’s saving you $2.95 off the cover price. I love saving money, by the way.

Until the next blog article, or the next book review, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.


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