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Graze Subscription Box REVIEW

Welcome to the last week of June! Today’s blog blurb is about my experience with Graze, a snack-crate box subscription. The company doesn’t know I’m doing this free review for them, but referral links will be in this blog. This review was meant to happen earlier this year but I never got around to it in a timely manner. Which is still okay since something happened between my first and second box.

Let’s dive into snack time!

graze box from February! ❤️

As a member of the Influenster community, reviewing products has become a fun hobby for me. In February, I received an offer I could not refuse: free sample box of snacks! The free sample box was a set of eight cased food packages and as a subscription box, you have several options for how frequently you’d like a box sent to you.

If my memory serves me correctly, I got this box in a week and picked it up on Valentine’s Day. I had just started recovering from a virus that week I had ordered my food mix and I enjoyed what I ended up picking out.

Then, sometime in March or April I noticed an automatic charge from Graze. I had totally forgotten that the subscription was set for every month but I never got a reminder about it, unlike other subscription boxes. I was able to have a refund reissued and they still sent me the second box. I would love to actually subscribe to Graze in the future, but for now I am working on saving money to move at the end of the year. I also have issues with my apartment about mail and the like.

PLUSSS the other reason Graze is on the waitlist for me is about my personal eco friendly lifestyle. The snacks do make me feel a tad bit guilty about the use of plastic when I can easily go to a bulk store and buy me similar snacks, without plastic.

Screenshot from Graze’s website. This was my personal favorite snack!

The Best of Graze

Perfect Box: I mentioned the plastic little food containers but my two little boxes from Graze still made me happy. I’ve had times when I order from Amazon or other online retailers, and the box they send is larger than it needs to be. Graze’s snack box fits the size of the snacks. And isn’t larger than it needs to be! I squealed when I went to USPS to pick-up my first Graze box and the snack box was a perfect size. My cat, Jupiter, also loves boxes as play toys and both Graze boxes passed the test.

The price: When Graze automatically charged me the price wasn’t my problem. $15 for eight snacks was a heck of a deal. My refund was based off of the principle that I wasn’t reminded. Your first sample box is free and then for every 5 boxes you buy, the sixth one is free! I even have some discount codes for 20% off my next box.

As a University student, snacks are essential. Graze’s healthy options make it possible to feel good about snacking.
The snacks I tried out were:
Garden of England; dried apple, lemon juice
Anytime Energizer; cherries, pear, and walnuts
Antioxidant vit.E nuts; baked salted peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and pecan nuts
Cacao & Orange; dates and raw almonds
Fantastic Forest Fruits; soft apple pieces, cherry flavored raisins, blueberries and lingonberries
Dark Chocolate; Cherry Tart

Graze is worth trying out for new snacks and including a healthy dose of important nutrients for our bodies!
Link below to order your first sample box with Graze!

First Box Free with Graze!

Thanks for reading today’s food review. Are you hungry yet? I’ve been snacking on forest fruit from the box and my small breakfast from earlier didn’t fill me up. Want to read more content by me? Follow me here on WordPress for future posts on MWF. Wishing you all the best!


Both of my computers are out and my goal is to upload the fun little video I made for this post sometime in the future to this blog. Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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