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Love Mini Series v.2

The past five days, I’ve been sick at home and with strep. It wasn’t until yesterday have I been able to focus on reading and writing (aka schoolwork). Most of this blog is the reminder of what I wrote last week. You can always follow me here on WordPress for future blog posts or on my Twitter account (@DanielleSully19). Let’s take a part two look of the dating topics and advice I started last week.

Photo I showcased this past Friday here on this blog.

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If you enjoy astrology, I’ve used my personal growth in this subject to helps me comprehend where I am, why I have destructive tendencies, etc. Look no further than your birth chart, a nice companion to studying psychology. I’m a triple Gemini-Cancer Cusp. In layman’s terms that means my sun, moon, and ascendant are in Gemini. Those air placements bring me all over the pace when it comes to emotions.

My Venus placement (goddess of love) is in Taurus and in my 12th house. Picture closed-door intimacy and privacy; resonates with the 12th house placement. It was my first boyfriend in college where I learned about the reality of dating & all the rules I’ve since enacted. Some of these “rules habits” haven’t changed much in 6 years:
Kissing? Not in public. It’ll still get to me but that’s because of the type of childhood I had and such. I’m okay with certain forms of affection but this one I like keeping out of public eyes.
Holding hands? My 19-year old self couldn’t let that happen in public. Now, I’m cool with it.
Name calling; smothering in attention and flirting? Again, some of these things can be done at home but I’m not a fan of this type of affection shown in public. Hugs are okay.

Main point I’m making, is how I view the mere factor of intimacy and privacy. I could adjust and change my views but the chance of that happening is small.

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This is a really cool photo. Grateful for pexels!

Open/Private Lifestyles Merge

I like a relatively open yet private lifestyle. For living spaces, I enjoy living out in the country but I do enjoy going to events in the city to work with my social life. My social life has tamed down a bit over the past 4 years after it peaked during my band fraternity days, when I was elected as an officer to go travel and such.
I’ve been working on shifting my focus away from feeling pressured from society to go into something I’m not prepared for: a relationship.

First, I’ve enacted a slowness to how I approach dating and I’m cool with it. I cannot stress enough how useful it is to be friends with someone for at least six months or longer. After the three-month period the crush phase ends- and that’s where I’ve historically crashed and burned. If you recall last week, I mentioned that the longest I’ve been in a relationship was less than three months. Later this month, I’ll discuss about one friendship I burned to the ground and the lessons I learned that came from it.

For me, most of my internal dilemmas are with me. I wouldn’t say I have commitment issues but trust is my biggest improvement I need to make
Can I trust someone enough to to keep nude pictures away from prying eyes? Hell no- this is one of my no’s on dating. An experience from high school I’ll discuss later this month.
For today, that’s all I have on this series. Hopefully this sickness will go away by the end of this week!
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Check back on Wednesday for the next segment in this month’s series. Thanks for reading today’s post and I wish you all the best!

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