Jupiter Up Close

What’s nice is that this new month is starting on a Friday. Yay! If you are going to be watching the Superbowl this weekend, I hope everyone enjoys the game, or the commercials, halftime, or even the food! I’ll be making a slow cooker queso dip on Sunday to enjoy during the game. I post on MWF each week and Friday’s a specifically photos. Hope you all enjoy today’s photo!

I took this photo in December 2018 during my winter break. This photos become a wonderful header photo for my blogs and I just love how my cat, Jupiter, just sits and stares at me (as he always does). Notice where my cat’s at in the photo: left side of the photo, leaving the right side for everyone to look in the distance. Notice the tiny three foot Christmas tree and a sneak peak of my 500 square foot apartment. This photos another solid example of black and white contrasts.

Thanks for looking at today’s photo! Feel free to follow me here on WordPress or on Instagram. Wishing you all the best this month.
Cheers, Danielle

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