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18 Dramatic Situations (Part Three)

Oh, its Wednesday already? This week’s slipped past me, which is why this blog post is being posted today instead of earlier this week.. Today’s blog post is a part three analysis of the 36 dramatic situations and instead of making a part four I decided to combine the last eighteen situations into one post.. The original book is written by Georges Polti and I’ll be reading that after I finish Figgi’s 2017 updated version.
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Let’s look at these ten dramatic situations! Below are the two links to parts one and two discussions:
8 Dramatic Situations (Part One)

8 Dramatic Situations (Part Two)

18 Dramatic Situations (Part Three)

Fated Imprudence-The Gambler
Dilemma exists which cannot be solved by conventional or existing means.
Happily married man with kids had an affair out of boredom. Ditto for the woman.
A good hearted politician who internalized his own corruption and no one notices (i.e. money).
Act of imprudence within a group. Drinking with a group and a poor decision’s made.

Universal ideals of being in the right place at the wrong time and wrong place at the right time.

Dream State
Mainly used in films, but still worth noting
jump-cut (used in films)
slow motion
Out-of-Body experience
Soundtrack infusion (horror scene with classical music)
Image- enhancement techniques

Self-Sacrifice for Idealism
Strong character whose beliefs will be put to the test.
Weak character whose previous life wasn’t that great and finds a meaning to life.

Self-Sacrifice for Family
War changes the family to save the life of a child.
Illness is slowing-down the end. Change is needed.
Choosing between promotion a family time sacrificing personal ambition for the good of the family.
A woman sacrificing her sexuality her sexuality for her families protection.

Self-Sacrifice for Passion
Life ruined. Family abandoned.
Crossing social barriers.
Criminality- sex with an underaged person. Sex with the enemy. Rape. Incest.

Necessity of Sacrificing Loved Ones
Assisted suicide. Killed to avoid further suffering; with or without the consent of the sufferer.
Sacrificed in order to protect the group. Slower person left behind (in horror stories).
Father killing family member who killed someone. Prevents FBI involvement.
Religious/occult crimes. Influenced by hearing angels, Gods, etc.
Honor killing. Adultery refusing to marry a particular partner, having a relation outside of a marriage, acquiring a new trait, going against family wishes, victim of rape, and others.

Rivalry between Superior and Inferior
Is the reader rooting for the superior character?
Does this signify a change between social status quo and the world we live in?
Underdog has a chance to challenge the superior.

Adultery- Betrayal of Love
Mistress & Lover. Person tired of the relationship and forms a second relationship.
Affair, quilt sits in and they end the affair.

Accidental incest (didn’t know the relations)

Discovery of the Dishonor of a Loved One
Love turns to disgust and hatred and the protagonist is ejected from the family environment;
Allowed to stay, a non-person who is marginalized.
Love is threatened and absent for a period but there is adjustment/forgiveness.

Obstacles to Love
Is the “love” motivated by a desire to climb the social ladder?
Finding the inferior physically attractive but not attractive with the social status.
Obstacles presented to keep the couple apart (by the “higher-class”)
Healing with time spent away and disunity
Similar but one partner is too late to return to his previous lover
aEnemy maybe hidden (ex-lovers, wives, rivals, etc.)

An Enemy Loved
Lovers belong to rival groups
Desire is a strong emotion.

Selfishly working towards one goal that blocks out other people goals, & life

Conflicts with Power
Hitler, historically dominating politics
Mao, Stalin, & Mussolini photo (influential power)
Power of society (12 Years a Slave)
Moguls, capitalists, oligarchs
Struggle with a deity

Mistaken Jealousy
White lies about an affair
Chance occurrence and coincidence that sparks a jealous thought
Platonic relationship assumed physical

Erroneous Judgement
*Observation- used within a lot of crime shows.
Circumstantial evidence suggest that an innocent person is guilty
Behavior of an innocent person makes others believe he/she’s guilty
Not truly guilt of that specific crime
Person deliberately behaves in a guilty fashion, in order to distract the attention from the guilty party
Partner/close friend of the guilty person is wrongfully accused to their association with the perpetrator
Innocent person accused, someone who wanted to do the crime but didn’t
Innocent person thinks they are guilty; psychological
Guilty person thinks they are innocent; psychological
Witness to a crime remains silent to protect a friend/family member
Enemy throws suspicion out to an innocent party
Rival in love throws suspicion onto his competitor
Person struggles with rehab after a marriage of justice
Witness to a crime but no connection
Witness to a crime committed by an associate/friend
Racial issues

Crime undiscovered
Political crime
Killing of a spouse
Killing of a spouse by two people
Unfulfilled desire

Recovery of a lost one
Loved one separated by a natural disaster or war
Forced adoption

Loss of a Loved One
Witnessing the death
Discovering the death of a loved one via third party

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Thank you so much for reading through today’s blog post. What’s your least favorite dramatic situation you read above? Let’s chat about it in the comments below & I wish you a happy winter solstice!


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